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    How do you reall feel about your club?

    Bin-dippers, as the last twenty years have proven you are not fit to clean our boots and are no longer our rivals - thats a fact. But i have to ask you, after such a dreadful year how do you feel about your club?

    what a f*cking fiasco eh - the owners, manager, this parry guy, the pub team players and once again no title tilt or trophy... you lot are really really shyte from top to bottom... what does it feel like to be so bad?

    seriously i'd love to know.
    regards, your OT friends

    the 10 times EPL champs....

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    • Yeah stay away from his posts!

      Messages posted on a public message board - unbelievable!!

      Some idiots never change eh? Quality.

    • Sooner or later, Liverpool will beat Man U - it's the law of averages. Will it happen in the Champions League final (assuming both teams get through)?

      Despite the confidence you Man U lot appear to have (and justifiably so) you must have this little niggle at the back of your mind, will that be the game that Liverpool finally win?

      If it does happen, think it's fair to say that you will never ever live it down - forget how many premier league titles you have won or recent triumphs etc, this game will be thrown back in your faces for many many years to come.

      Liverpool seem to live a charmed life in this competition - I wouldn't be too eager to dismiss their chances!

    • Lol, I've gotta laugh robbie, you do realise that brian.mcwhinney is slayer, don't you?!

      Oh dear....

    • If we're "not longer fit to be rivals" then how come theirs always great anticipation and expectation from both clubs and fans alike? If we're not considered rivals then their wouldn't be any of that sense of occasion would there?

      Ok you've beaten us a lot more times than we've beaten u.. but every game ahas been full of passion and until our last meeting were very tight close games !!

    • I really do have to laugh at your name for us . i.e. bin dippers. lol. and imagine the laughing i was doing on wednesday night whilst watching the local news after the news at ten.when they showed two guys from manchester, outside a tesco, rooting through the industrial bins out back with all the disgarded food - their title, as they like to be known was: 'Freegans' pmsl, so............. from now on the title of Bin Dippers is now firmly placed in the description of a manc !!!! pmsl

      you tosser.


    • I dont think too many people are overly insulted by your posts proffeseur and those of your bumchum rooneymagic.
      Though many people on all the fan boards get really really bored of reading juvinile threads from all the little kiddies out there. Personally i only come on here to have the odd football discussion and there is nothing duller than reading your "rat munching" "bindippers" , "man u are the best in the world and you are shit" type threads. I mean honestly I dont think i have ever read anything you have written that wasnt purile garbage. If you are 12years old then that is absolutely fine mate, when your a kid its seems really big and cool to write rude words on the internet , if you are older, or god forbid an adult then you have some serious problems.
      Which is it?

    • Ffs, seriously read and digest what I'm saying Chris we get as many tw*ts on our board as you do on yours - I ignore 99% of the posts or sometimes wind them up back. I doubt I've ever even written back to rooneymagic before today. I don't get sensitive to people slagging us off otherwise I wouldn't stay on these boards since there are so many wind-up posts from rival fans and everyone on here gets slagged off at some point.

      My point is this Chris (maybe I didn't make it clear before-I'm not being patronising) I responded to the fact you keep coming on straight after this t*t. If I, as in my ID, kept following round the biggest tw*t on your board do you not think you'd say something to me considering you know me better then most? I think you'd get suspicious if I came on straight after him virtually every single time.

      Chris can you not see the only person who looks wound up is you and you keep calling us sensitive girls. It doesn't make much sense. You never responded to the fact you've said you actually get on with most of the LFC fans recently but why are they now all sensitive girls because I've argued with you?

    • Robbie, with due respect to yourself i will stay out of it.

    • Lol great point you raised, and guess what, we have c*nts from your board over on ours all the time!!

      How do I react? Its all just a bit of fun, aslong as they aren't going on about Munich like one of yours was the other day, why would I be so bothered? Its nothing, its just banter over football, a game, there are more important things in life to be concerned with. We've had way worse than Rooneymagic, he's harmless Im afraid.

      Like I said, sensitive girls.

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