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    How do you reall feel about your club?

    Bin-dippers, as the last twenty years have proven you are not fit to clean our boots and are no longer our rivals - thats a fact. But i have to ask you, after such a dreadful year how do you feel about your club?

    what a f*cking fiasco eh - the owners, manager, this parry guy, the pub team players and once again no title tilt or trophy... you lot are really really shyte from top to bottom... what does it feel like to be so bad?

    seriously i'd love to know.
    regards, your OT friends

    the 10 times EPL champs....

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    • What makes me laugh is that all these fickle glory hunters were on our board a couple years back prophesising doom from the Glazers taking over! We haven't heard a peep out of them bald yanks and have gone on to become the best side in Europe whilst winning the title TWICE IN A ROW and buying the best talent in the world. I reckon every scouser would give us Torres and Gerrard for free just to have Anderson and Ronaldo play ONCE for their hopeless 4th placers!

      Forever in OUR shadow rat munchers.

      Please god let us meet them in the final.

    • The Professeur you have lost alot of credibility in my eyes in the past few months. This rooneymagic is clearly one of your IDs and if your going to deny it then you'll go down even lower in my opinion. You used to be a good reason for coming to these boards with your knowledgable football related debates, you seem to have gone down the route of petty 'insults'.

      The fact you always turn up straight after this rooneymagic posts can be no cooincidence. I can point out many situations if you wish.

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      • Robbie what the F*CK happened to you??!!

        You were sound, I thought you knew not to take my wind ups serious, and now you're a sensitive little cry baby!

        No Im NOT rooneymagic actually, and if that puts me even lower down in your opinion, thats fine by me, your way of thinking is hardly logical is it?!

        I comment after lots of Uniteds fans posts, so I guess they must ALL be my fake ID's eh?!

        Seriously, stupid....

        The Professeur is my ONLY one, no matter who posts just before me or after, or who sounds like me, I never change, when I do I say, Im always here for the banter, for the wind ups, but unlike you sensitive nonces Im not about getting personal, its all a laugh to me, i dont judge anyone - well until they act as pathetic as you are right now!

        If you want to be this pathetic excuse for a joke you are now robbie, go ahead mate. To say im disappointed with you is an understatement, considering how long we have both been on here.

        Prepare yourselves for lots more banter and god forbid we meet, you will probably be an emotional wreck!

        Pathetic...apologise though and its forgotton, I don't hold grudges.

    • You are out of order robbie, and it appears too arrogant to admit it. Juts re-read your initial post, your accusation leveled at me. I didn't provoke it, all I did was post after rooneymagic! YOU started it, you can't deny it either as EVERYONE can read it in this thread!

      So until you apologise, stay the f*ck away from my posts.

    • I'm not denying anything. I did accuse you of being rooneymagic, why would I deny that? I just pointed out you went ballistic.

      It seemed abit odd to me that you appear on this board straight after rooneymagic everytime he comes on but I made my point earlier and you've made yours. I'm not too arrogant to apologise to people, I have apologised to people in the past when I may have been wrong but if someone goes round saying I'm not talking to you until you say sorry like a child I'm not going to give him his own way.

    • There is virtually no logic behind what you say mate!

      Fact is you're wrong, Im not rooneymagic, I have good reason to be p*sssed off with that as its coming from someone I liked and respected here, doesn't mean I went ballistic, you saying I went ballistic doesn't make it true either!

      I think you're showing yourself up here to be quite immature and arrogant.

    • until you apologise, stay the f*ck away from my posts ???



    • We'll agree to disagree, but how would you react if I went on the United board after some total c*nt of a Liverpool fan kept on coming on writing total sh*t about your city and I kept talking him up? I think it'd get on your t*ts after abit.

      I said before that guy is not here for banter he's a tw*t and has never written a single informed wind-up.

    • Brian with all due respect it won't help things if you get involved on our argument. It shouldn't really be plastered all over the boards but there's not much we can do about it I don't know his e-mail address to talk privately.

    • Lol great point you raised, and guess what, we have c*nts from your board over on ours all the time!!

      How do I react? Its all just a bit of fun, aslong as they aren't going on about Munich like one of yours was the other day, why would I be so bothered? Its nothing, its just banter over football, a game, there are more important things in life to be concerned with. We've had way worse than Rooneymagic, he's harmless Im afraid.

      Like I said, sensitive girls.

    • Robbie, with due respect to yourself i will stay out of it.

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