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  • fu*king hell lads, i'm sorry ok. I know alot of you can't stand me because i'm a foul mouthed immature moron but LFC is all i have got, i admit it. I'm a loner with a big online mouth as you all know and yes i lsten to megadeth and slayer which is angry teen metal for sad-os but it gets out my aggression so there.

    Look, i have been making a real prat of myself here lately so i'd like to backtrack on some of my ludicrous comments. I told you DIC were in the bag but i lied. They are never going to buy the club because Hicks has pulled the plug forever on DIC so i need to get over it - but i can't.

    Second i said Rafinha and Bentley were already signed. Again i am lying because i live in a complete fantasy world as all satan-loving psychos do. Neither player is coming to LFC i was just listening to my mate at lfc.tv who makes coffee and tea there so i believe everything he says. I'm such a t**t.

    I'm a complete t**t i know that. The word on the street is you all hate me (except my bumchum eloader) and yes i believe next year as i did this, we will make a challenge. In Rafa we trust. Best manager ever alongside the best goalie, reina and with Babbsy and Monster we are one player away.

    See you all in Moscow - even though we won't be playing there. Off to play on me ouija board now.


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