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  • A Yahoo! User Apr 18, 2008 21:49 Flag

    Who will replace you in FOURTH?

    As we United fans ready for our tenth Premier League celebration the question has to be asked who will take over from you sewer rats next season as a top four team? It's plain for anyone with a brain to see - which counts out most of bin-dipper central (did you know 35 per cent of Liverpool has no formal qualifications?) - that you are going to be nowhere next season. The owners and club are drowning in debt and don't even speak. The Chief Exec is inept and doesn't talk to the manager so there will be no big signings which you need in every department. The unrest will obviously affect the club and therefore i ask you - the deluded kop rat eaters - how can you expect to even finish in a top four position as we equal your title haul by creating modern history in the now - next season???

    Everton? Spurs? Pompey? Villa? who will finish above you next year as your crappy pub team sinks into the mersey sewer where it belongs...

    Oh, and we'll have "You'll Never Walk Alone" back too cheers!

    Regards, the EPL CHAMPS

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