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    Have not gone through many posts on the board today, but quick look shows most are wind up's which is to be expected, but lets try to get some perspective on last night, and moving forward.

    First its a tough pill to swallow, but swallow we must. We've had some luck in the past, and what happened to Riise is the other side of the coin. For most of the match it seemed pretty tight to me, but lets be honest I think we were always the bigger threat to score, so for Grant to say they deserved it, is a bit of a stretch.

    Basic summary:

    . Ref was horrible, but not a factor in the home goal.

    . Drogba should have been ashamed at his acting, and I hope some Chelsea fans will admit he was over the top on many occasions.

    . Czech had an amazing game, so credit to him. 3 sure goals, 2 from Torres, and 1 from Gerrard were denied by incredible saves.

    Going forward, while we have to admit Chelsea have the advantage, and with their game killing style maybe in the driving seat, I think we have a chance based upon the performance put in. Back line looked strong. Both Carra and Skrtel put in great performances. Losing Aurellio maybe telling, but mistake aside, I still have confidence in Riise.

    Niether midfield were much of a factor, but really should not expect them to be. It was crowed in there, and they really canceled themselves out. Gerrard was man marked the whole game, so could not be much of a factor. But when he did get free, did create a couple half chances, although I think frustrations caused him to bite at those chances. Ballack was the only one in their midfield who seemed much of a threat on the goal, so why Grant took him out is beyond me.

    Wide play is where we shone. Babel looked good, and if he has enough gas for 90 in the second leg, he could be the X-factor. Good penetration kept chelsea on the back foot. Kuyt also looked good, and kept Cashley pinned back most of the time.

    Some non LFC fans will try to wind us up by saying Torres did not show up for the big game. Let them have their laugh, but fact is, it is only the great play of Czech that denied him having a huge evening. While Chelsea center backs used strong physical tactics to control him, they may not get so lucky with the ref next week. That is a risk they will have to think about. Also, when you compare him to Drogba, who was a non factor for most of the match, and easily controled and stiffled by Carra, and Skrtel, its no contest.

    Believe fellow reds, a win at Stamford Bridge is no easy task, but how many times before have we been counted out, only to rise again.

    Lets go Reds


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