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  • A Yahoo! User Apr 25, 2008 17:21 Flag

    Anyone know this RB we've signed?

    This Swiss lad from Dortmund, is he any good?

    Looks like the end of Finnan as well.

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    • Yes, 7 players:

      Left Back, Right Back, Left Wing, Right Wing, Attacking Central Midfielder, and 2 strikers.

      We don't have an ACM other than Gerrard at the moment, all four wide positions need filling because we have sub-standard quality at the moment, and 2 strikers because I can't believe that Crouch will sign a new contract, nor that Voronin will be kept on.

      For example, you don't you think we need a right back? Christ we have had no width from the right this year, especially with the new formation where width has to come from your full-backs.

    • Unfortunatly the same scenerio is in the back of my mind. My hope however is that he'll feel the time and effort he's already put in are worth seeing through on. Its not just the progress of the first team, but the development of the reserves and youth set up. Rafa has been responsible for a lot of young signings that are now proving thier stuff at those lower levels, and could really pave the way for great things in the future. He may want to see that flower bloom.

      To use your analogy of a cheating partner, its a question of do you cut your loses and get out, or try to work it out. Most marriages hit hard times, and sometimes you loose all trust so the best thing is to walk away, but sometimes you can see the foundations are solid, so its worth working and fighting to keep the relationship going.

    • david, I may be wrong but I see a different scenario to that painted by you, imo I think Rafa may become tired of the squabbling and want to cut and run instead of being used by the warring parties for their selfish ends.

      I believe if a decent club comes knocking at his door he'll leave this summer using arbitration to get his full contracted terms paid off for constructive dismissal. This is not doom-mongering but another perspective on this whole saga with the infighting owners and chief exec.

      Who wouldn't if your boss has cheated on you? A good analogy is to compare Rafa's situation with a cheating partner, I think Rafa is bidding his time and could drop the bombshell on the untrustworthy owners when the time is ripe for him to do so, very bad and hard for the fans to take but who will blame Rafa for the backstabbing that has gone on previously?

    • Interesting side note, While I and many may be concerned that the present unrest with the owners could cause us problems in the summer transfer window, either with a lack of funds, or non reactive board, I heard an analysis the other day saying that actually the oposite maybe true. As both owners are fighting it out in public, and Parry is under the microscope, no-one wants to go against Rafa, and in fact want him as an ally if possible. This could mean a larger transfer budget,a the ability to better turn a wish list into reality. Maybe this is the time to go for the big name, the proven player, and really make sure we have another World Class player alongside Torres, Gerrard, and Masch.

    • I agree, and even 4 starters maybe pushing things to be honest. Remember if any of the new signings are currently playing outside the prem, they will need time to settle, and don't expect that process to go as smoothly as it did with Torres. We change things up too much, and it will be another slow start, and kiss the title goodbye by Christmas.

    • I was chatting to a Swiss colleague about Degen and he rates him pretty highly. Apparently he's an attacking RB, good in 1-on-1 situations and a good tackler. He's injured at the moment, but should feature heavily in the Euro 08. If I follow anyone at the Euro, it will be the Swiss, so I'll probably see quite a bit of him. Shame I haven't got any bleeding tickets though :(

    • I think we're pretty much agreed on this board that Finnan is past it....or at least passing it.

      No idea about the RB though....who is it?