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  • Robert M Robert M Apr 26, 2008 15:54 Flag

    When you lot rubbish Chelsea people...

    A comment in another thread goes like this:

    "But again I also feel we would give the same support if Jose came in. Regardless if he WAS hated by liverpool fans."

    Doesn't matter who wrote it. The thing is that when Mourinho was in charge of Chelsea not only did you used to apparently hate him, you also used to rubbish him at every opportunity. Yet since he left Chelsea a good number of you have been hankering to get him at Anfield.

    Likewise Frank Lampard. You lot fall over yourselves to rubbish him normally, (due to the threat you perceive he makes against your idol) and can never say a good word about him. Now you all hope he doesn't play on Wednesday as it will give you more chance of getting to the CL final.

    So when you lot rubbish Chelsea people it would seem less because you believe what you are saying and more for silly tribal reasons.


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    • 'still aying taxes are you..... haha' were paying taxes because ya living off our taxes. should not be proud of that ya dole scrounging paedophile.

      'i dont need to work' hahaha. so you just want to live on our taxes dole boy.

    • 'still aying taxes are you..... haha' were paying taxes because ya living off our taxes. should not be proud of that ya dole scrounging paedophile.

      'i dont need to work' hahaha. so you just want to live on our taxes dole boy.

    • ...and sean only ever talks about dogs of war. i heard you couldnt afford to go to game because you had no job.

      what makes you a real fan. you cant afford to follow ya team and on these boards you talk about people you hate and liverpool. ya think ya fellow everton fans are proud of you.

      should think about that before replying in angry way

    • I dont like him. But I still admire his ability and they he goes about his business. And with Frank, again I dont rate him highly as lots of people do, but when family dies, football comes second. Just a matter of respect.

      I said that Robert about Jose, because the only way Liverpool could go forward if we support our manager, if its Rafa or if Jose comes in. We want Rafa, we know gerrard better than lampard. End of.

    • don't be an idiot Patrick, maureen was a disgrace !!

      The focus should be on football, not on the press conference. He brought cheating to new depths(!!) in the EPL. Good to see your team is finally beginning to cut it out.

      I would like to see Grant win the epl as that will be a real smack in the face for maureen. Special One? HAHAHAH


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      • no drunken i dont feel i was being "an idiot" (i assume that was aimed at me, or is their another Patrick in this thread)for expressing my opinion that maurinho is a great manager. I thought that was pretty much a given.
        Not wanting him because of his arrogance or past slights at our club is one thing (though i would personally forgive him of both) but i dont see how his ability can be doubted.
        However as i have stated i dont want any manager but benitez here next year , i still think he can take us furthur.

    • Dont tar us all with the same brush mate.......I dont hate Chelsea or Mourhino, in fact he used to crack me up, so funny.
      Arrogant yes, but couldnt help like him.

      I dont hate Chelsea fans, only the glory hunters that have started supporting them since they have all Romans money.
      The same as i hate the Utd glory hunters that say theyve supported them all their lives when what that really means for alot of them is theyve supported them since 1992.

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      • I personally wouldn't want Jose at Anfield. I respect him as a manager and think it is a bit silly to claim he has only won what he did at Chelsea because of the money he spent - what did you expect him to do? - Not spend the money available to prove a point. Now THAT would make him a crap manager! I don't want him at Anfield simply because of the way he conducts himself. I have felt like that ever since he entered the premiership. I understand he does alot of it to protect his players, and a psychological tactic, and that is fair enough. I just don't think that LFC is a club that is right for him. Whatever people say, the Liverpool management were humble in their glory years, and I do not want his 'arrogance' even where it is to protect players, to represent this club.
        We WILL win the title, and when we do, we will win it the right way - with fairness,respect, hardwork and humility. I wouldn't want it any other way. Hence I welcome new investement, but do not want us to start throwing money around like Roman has.


    • Robert dont fall into the trap of taking individual quotes regarding mourinho and lampard , and claiming it represents the views of liverpool supporters.
      Personally i wouldnt object to jose, (if rafa left) but there would be several other managers that i would be equally excited to see. Though i am personally keen to see rafa continue

      Personally i am in no way scared to see lampard play against us. Not that i dont rate him, but no more than his potential replacements , i would sooner have an attacking mid playing (in a game we need to score) than a more defensive minded option

      By the way Robert this post represents my views and should not be used to summarise the thoughts of every liverpool fan

    • Well speaking for myself I'll rubbish Chelsea when it calls for it. To put it bluntly I'd rather Chelsea won the EPL this season over Man Utd.. but likewise I don't want Chelsea to win the CL because it's against us..

      Certain players like Drogba piss me off with their diving antics.. and I hope we never sign Drogba ... plenty of other world class players all over europe and the world to choose from.. money permitting of course..

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      • Hi Robert, I can safely say I have an abhorrance of Mourinho and wouldn';t want him managing my club, perceived winner or whatever.....for me he didn't overacheive certainly at Chelsea, he just did what the money spent enabled him to do. I'd rue the day Liverpool employed him, but they won't so I won't. On Lampard I respect him, as a player, he#s plainly very good, but I don't think he's international class, world class, I just think he's pretty good. He's not in Gerrards class, and I do enjoy taking the mick out of him, but all of that a given I'd rather he did play against us on Wednesday. He's never performed in a big game against us despite rapping home a couple of pens I remember. I'd rather face him than Essien/Ballack in a comfortable partnership in the middle....Plus I alwasys think we should be able to beat anyone.