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  • Robert M Robert M Apr 27, 2008 01:03 Flag

    If Chelsea repeat this home performance on wednesday!!

    "As usual the first goal will be important, as if it goes Chelsea's way, we are in trouble."

    If Chelsea score the first goal, you have to score to stay in the match. If Chelsea don't score, you still have to score to stay in the match. Chelsea scoring a goal makes less difference than Liverpool scoring.


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    • Robert,
      Thank you for pointing that out. I wrote the post assuming that anyone with half a brain would understand that, but if you feel you need to clarify the point - go ahead. I had hoped the lines before I mentioned the first goal being crucial would qualify the statement - namely that it is difficult to call whether Rafa will send us out to sit deep and counter attack, or be attack minded straight from the off. Hence, whoever gets the first goal totally dictates the game. If Chelsea get it, we will not have the luxury of sitting deep, and seeing if our 'normal' game works, we would then have no choice but to play on the front foot, if we go ahead, then even if we were attack minded to begin with, we could decide to put the shutters up!
      Hope this makes the intent of the post a bit clearer.
      And thanks once again Robert


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      • You're welcome but the fact is that not much changes for Liverpool if Chelsea score one. Liverpool still have to score whether they do or not. So I don't see it makes any difference to Liverpool's game plan if Chelsea score or not. It might very well to Chelsea's if Liverpool score.

        Perhaps the difference here is that you appear to be assuming someone will score the first goal so it's only a question of who. That's not a given.