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  • sideshow sideshow Apr 26, 2008 20:48 Flag

    If Chelsea repeat this home performance on wednesday!!

    We might struggle. Nothing like they played on Tuesday, they have been all over United who look rubbish!!! Talk about a one man side, no-one Alex is resting Ronaldo for the BArca game. I'd like to see Gerrard and Torres at least get a run out today for 45mins, as Chelsea bouncing from one game to the next might be up in confidence if they carry on second half to win now!

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    • They won't play the same way as they did aagainst Man Utd because Chelsea & LFC are very similar in styles so it'll be a case of who wants it more on Wednesday !!

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      • I think the crucial thing is that we must score. I don't know if Rafa will be content to play our normal game, let them come on and look for the counter, or he will send them out with a more attacking brief. As usual the first goal will be important, as if it goes Chelsea's way, we are in trouble. Will Essien be back for that match? He is looking strong, and could tie our midfield up a bit more than the first leg. To my shame, I was really hoping some Chelsea players picked up a 'knock' today, I know it is wrong, but I really want to get another final. I think Barca might turn Man Utd over you know!


    • One things for sure..... All is not well at the bridge, in-fighting amongst players, wonder if personalities in the dressing room are causing problems ? mmmmmm - very very interesting, maybe theres more to this Grant story than meets the eye.

      Roll on Wednesday...


    • Fact is we still have to score! Unlike Barca's situation, if they get 1, the mancs will need 2 to go through, this is why I really fancy either of us 2 to face the spanish in the final.

      Listening to some of the phone ins today, some of them were calling for Fergies head! Fu cking idiots! Some others were saying that Queeroz was pulling the strings!

    • Did you guys see the burst up between Drogba and Ballock? Classic! I was wondering if Mourinho was still the manager, would that have happened? And where was Terry when all the shxt was flying around? Not really England captain material is it?