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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Apr 28, 2008 22:15 Flag

    chelsea v man u

    Robert, your right, by the letter of the rules, Masch was sent off. Picked up an early yellow, which many will find harsh as it was very early in the match, and he was pulling out of the challenge. But no doubt the ref was in his rights to issue the first card. Seen challenges like it carded, and not carded. However Masch obviously thought he was hard done by.

    He was then sent off after a second for dissent. The straw that went was just asking the ref why Torres had picked up a yellow. While I know you will argue that he'd been at the ref and linesmen throughout, there is no evidence that he was abusive in anyway. Yes he felt calls had gone against him, and he was not shy in letting the officials know this.

    Now the critical question. Have you not seen this same kind of behavior both before the Cole case, and since Masch case, and not a card in sight? Unless you have extremely anti Liverpool glasses on, think you have to say yes. Hargrieves in Saturday both raged at the ref after the Penalty call, and slammed the ball down in front of the ref just after he blew for full time. That is just one example that you might have seen, as I assumed you watched that match, but I feel there have been countless others.