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  • Why Why Apr 30, 2008 04:47 Flag

    Manure v Barca

    Barca without Ronaldinho are like Roma without Totti - they have no cutting edge.

    62% possession - 13 shots, 3 on target.

    I can see our game being equally one-sided, but I hope we show more bite than Barca did tonight.

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    • Damn ManUre... if they win in Moscow how bloody smug will their faces be ?

      Lets hope we beat Chelsea tomorrow if not lets hope Chelsea get their own back in the EPL and beat ManuRe.. however I expect us to beat Chelsea..

      Then again I expected Barca to beat ManUre.. except as usual ManUre had some very lucky refereeing decisions as per bloody usual !! What a lucky goal Scholes shot was.. he just hit it and hoped..

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      • I hope there was a hint of sarcasm in the scholes goal comment sofa! Scholes is one of the best strikers of a football around - that was no lucky shot believe me. When you watch the replay you will see how he moved his foot across the ball to get the swerve he did, and managed to retain the power.
        I was hoping for a Barca win tonight, but credit where its due, Utd did a good job - they reminded me of us on the big eiropean nights, restricting the other team, defending resolutely and then scaring the shit out of their fans in the last five minuites.
        I thought Ronaldo was a disgrace again tonight - he is such a wonderful talent, but it would be so much better if he acted like a man, indstead of a sulky little boy when things don't go his way.