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  • I hope there was a hint of sarcasm in the scholes goal comment sofa! Scholes is one of the best strikers of a football around - that was no lucky shot believe me. When you watch the replay you will see how he moved his foot across the ball to get the swerve he did, and managed to retain the power.
    I was hoping for a Barca win tonight, but credit where its due, Utd did a good job - they reminded me of us on the big eiropean nights, restricting the other team, defending resolutely and then scaring the shit out of their fans in the last five minuites.
    I thought Ronaldo was a disgrace again tonight - he is such a wonderful talent, but it would be so much better if he acted like a man, indstead of a sulky little boy when things don't go his way.

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    • Yes a fine finish, but he was gifted the ball. Not so unlike Rooney at the weekend.

      Seems to me, and some of the comments on the Manc board will back this up (although they will not admit it) that Fergie took a page from Rafa's book. Nil nil away draw, with all but a lone striker thinking defense first, then rest (rotate) squad, before the deciding home match. Were they playing Barca, or Chelsea? Credit to SAF, he's learning, so hope for him yet!

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      • I think Fergie certainly looks at other teams in Europe, as he is the first to admit that United have sometimes got it wrong in the past. I agree with you - the elements that we sometimes have in our game that distress the Arsenal pretty football types have been influenced by Benitez and Mourinho. You have to adapt to survive.

      • Dsteer,
        what you have just said about it being gifted, is a point I raised to my mates before the game. When I was playing county level footbal at school, we were always told NEVER play the ball across your own box, as if it gets picked out you are in the sh*t. Likewise, don't play the ball out of the box in the middle of the field, do it on the wings where the threat is limited, or hit it long. I understand teams are playing it out so that they don't lose possesion in the second phase play, but the sheer volume of goals I have seen scored through errant/poor passes played out of defence this season is staggering. These are the football ABC's!
        The goal we conceded against chelsea, whilst JAR's mistake was the clincher, was actually a culmination of other simple defensive mistakes - poor marking on a throw in in a dangerous area of the pitch, and the failure to simply CLEAR YOUR LINES out of defence - given the time period in the match simply staggering - that ball should have been sailing high into the stands at the Chelsea end, long before JAR sent it sailing into the net!


    • Tell u what though when I watched it I got the feeling of how similar he and Riise are as in the step up a gear when it's a big occasion and Riise has the habit of scoring in big games.. Last weeks OG was a mere mistake..