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  • Robert M Robert M Apr 29, 2008 18:33 Flag

    Rafa: "referee must be on our side"

    No, he didn't say that. What he is reported to have said is:

    Benitez said: "In the last six games in Europe he has refereed, five times the local team have won and once they haven't. That was Valencia against Chelsea - it's very curious.

    "If he knows he must be strong, that is okay."

    After his comments about Drogba, is there any conclusion apart from he's trying to put pressure on the ref? I can imagine what Benitez would have said if Mourinho had said this in the good old days. Something like "mumble, mumble, mumble, Chelsea, mumble, cheat, mumble, lose, mumble, Robben, mumble, hospital, mumble, Crouch, mumble, mumble."


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    • I used to find Mourinho hilarious and really miss him. I also used to find it frustrating when he went off the deep end in the wrong way.

      I've complained before about Benitez's comments about Chelsea, and red cards and may do again but will say no more now.

      Frankly, I don't care if it's a decent game - all I care about is the result. But I hope neither team has a valid complaint they were cheated out of it.


    • Erm, you can compare them. Take a look at this:


      For what it's worth I think Drogba does it less nowadays (ditto with Ronaldo). Many players have done it, but Gerrard has never been booked for it where the others have.

    • Robert, got to ask you about Grants comments to try to counter Rafa's own words. Now he's obviously no Jose M, but at least he's having a go. Actually asking the press to take a closer look at how Carra and others handled Drogba in the first leg, and suggests on closer look, the ref actually was very polite with the Liverpool defenders.

      Come on is he having a laugh, or is he seriously suggesting that Carra or others should be carded the next time Drogba goes down?

    • So, just want to make sure I understand what your saying here Robert. Your thinking that Rafa is putting pressure on the ref, before the match is underway, and you think that sounds a bit like the tactics that Jose used to use?

      If so, it would be a bit hypocritical of you, if you were to complain about this type of approach by a manager, right?

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      • Hypocritical, moi?

        I can't remember all the detail of what Mourinho was accused of, and I'm not defending him as such, although I might if something moves me.

        However, yes, Rafa does appear to be trying to put pressure on the referee, and also making a rather snide comment about him. Why is it curious that in the ref's last six European matches, five were home wins apart from the Chelsea match? Rafa appears to be suggesting that the referee favoured home teams, or was soft on them, apart from Chelsea? Don't you think he should either put up or shut up?


    • It looks like he's employing exactly the same mind games employed by many managers in the EPL.....just not as good. ;oD

    • Careful robert - you sound like your mumbling again !!!

      Got your Kleenex ready for tomorow night?