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  • LFC_Armchair_Supporter LFC_Armchair_Supporter Apr 30, 2008 05:28 Flag

    Bankers tell Hicks to sell! Hooray!

    So dsteer & piers.. you don't want Rafa to buy big name players u want him to buy the cheap cut price players instead who've been decidedly average who he has been been buying because we've got tight owners is that it? Torres & Mascherano aside !!

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    • Sofa,
      Do you agree with the way Chelsea bought their sucess?
      Do you think that it has tarnished what they have achieved?
      Do you think that buying a whole team of superstars is sustainable?
      Do you want a whole load of players at the club who are here for the money, and not because of the club?

      Don't get me wrong, I am not saying Rafa should not spend money - he always has (rather alot if you look at it). Simply saying 'lets go out and buy the worlds top players because we can now afford it is both degrading to the club and the supporters, unsustainable (you can't keep on forever like that - even Romans money will run out one day), and it also devalues anything we might achieve - win the title 'yeah but only because you spent so much money'...can hear it a mile off.
      Develop the youth system, expand the scouting network etc and what do you get...? Well lets use Manure's golden generation as an example - Giggs, Scholes, Beckham, Butt, P & G Neville,.
      We should be using that money in the transfer market the way it is being used now - by trusting Rafa's instinct for getting the RIGHT player, not just THE BIGGEST player. Having that money simply means Rafa's options are more extensive. For example lets look into buying Agguero for Liverpool, young, brilliant and getting better - not a major star, or we could do what you want, and do a Chelsea, lets buy Sheva!!
      This club has always been respected for its integrity - its known as doing it the Liverpool way. I see no reason why success cannot be acheived by adopting a balanced approach to the club, and it will leave something in place for a lot longer than three years of tainted galactico's driven success ever would. Money can get clubs 'carried away' and result in complete failure - look at Leeds.


    • Sofa, big difference between buying Torres and Masch who are at the begginning of their careers and buying Sheva or Ballack. Rafa is looking to buy players who will add to the squad for the longer term, while Chelsea are looking for a quick result right now.

      I'm not saying I'd say no to another big name player or two, but I'd rather not go out looking for hired guns, and it can be argued we bought the title. I want players like Babel, or Lucas, who are more expensive than what we could affort a couple years ago, but are also still developing as players, so can become real Liverpool players, not just merc's.