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  • Robert M Robert M Apr 30, 2008 20:38 Flag

    Whatever happens tonight...

    I was going to say to anyone from your lot going to the match, have a good journey and I hope the football makes you thoroughly miserable. But then I realised if you are going you've probably already gone.

    So I just want to say that whatever happens tonight I promise to try not to either gloat or sulk about it even if we definitely should have had that penalty.


    (You'll Never Win At Chelsea)


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    • Haha........ good man Robert....all the best mate..

      Hope whoever goes through wins it

    • Robert, your always good for an honest wind up and good humored banter, so cheers to you mate. Can only assume your family dragged you into being a chelsea fan, which seems to be your only fault.

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      • Oh, fank you kindly.

        No, it's not my family's fault. My parents had no interest in football ever. My older sister claims to be an Everton supporter occasionally. Can't imagine why. My other sister makes no claims unless it's a wind-up. I'm a Chelsea supporter because when I was eight the class-leader was a Chelsea supporter. Have been ever since through several decades of under-performance and a couple of years of over-performance. A good result tonight will be in some way the highlight of thirty-nine years of supporting my club. A bad result doesn't bear thinking about.

        I plead guilty to perpetrating Chelsea fan-hood on my children. The last match I took them to was the Carling Cup match against Liverpool. The same result tonight will do just fine.