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    Peter Crouch - an UNSUNG HERO!


    In typical Costa del Kop sheep fashion, YOU FOOLS were bleating that “Peter Crouch must go” while I was the ONLY ONE saying the boy deserves to stay and PLAY. As ever, I have BEEN proven right on this matter, so I have decided to pay tribute to Crouchy and wish him all the best for his future away from the shame of Liverpool FC where he will be more respected and used regularly by a manager with more foresight and integrity than the rotating slug Rafa.

    The truth is plastics – Crouchy has been IMMENSE for us, even after being treated like S**T by Rafa and warming the bench for months on end the boy has DELIVERED on the pitch by SCORING when called upon and off it by keeping his mouth shut, his head down and getting on with it.

    Crouchy, go to Villa or Pompey mate – this farce of a club and this t**t of a manager don’t deserve you. Pete – you won’t win a CL or League title with us anyway so MOVE ON mate and resurrect your career like JERMAINE DEFOE has and hit RAFA and the FICKLE fans where it hurts by scoring plenty for your new club and playing with pride for your country again as well.

    As for YOU, hang your heads in shame you fickle bottom-feeders… Peter Crouch has been treated like a LEPER by the club and YOU but as far as my superior footballing brain is concerned he is an unsung hero that could’ve done so much more for us – given the CHANCE.


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    • You know a lot about football don't you laura? saying you like Crouch or dislike Kuyt is opinion, so fair play, but do you understand that Kuyt is playing as an attacking wide midfieder, which is a postion that Crouchie could never play, so you really can't compare them. It would be like saying Ronaldo is better than Van der Saar, lets sell the dutchman. What you going to do, but Rooney in goal?

      I understand the arguments for and against selling Crouch, but it comes down to how much is he going to play. Its a simple cost benefit question. Is the amount of money he'd bring to the club in the transfer market bigger or smaller, than the benefit we'd get from the limit amount of games he'd actually play next year.

    • If i was a liverpool fan id be gutted, always fourth best team, only 3 good players and 1 of them is of. i rate crouch highly and cant understand why he is always coming of the bench for a poxy 5 or 10 mins when it his clear he is a far better player than dirk the jirk, wot a pile of poo. I would sell him instead its a no brainer. U know im right liverpool fans. As for next season you have a fight to keep fourth, lots of compitition from some very good and well organised teams. Id be very very worried. From a neutral point of you i think you will struggle.

    • At the end of the day crouch is a very important player that we should do OUR BEST to keep.
      Rafa may have finally found the formation for the football that Rafa wants the team to play as,but he won't use that formation all the time otherwise we would become to predictable,this is when crouch can be used, also in europe as most european teams find it a complete nightmare trying to mark him.

    • p&s i agree with u crouch is an unsung hero and rafa has miss used him, i would love crouch to stay but i couldnt blame him if he walks away he needs to be playing first team football week in and week out

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      • P&S, on the one hand i agree with you, Crouchy has done nothing but that asked of him and more but you would be the first to say that we need to have players that WILL land us the title and unfortunately i don't believe he is quite that! Is this just a thread to deflect from the fact that you berated the signing of Torres and have slagged him off at every turn???? Fact is in time Torres if accompanied by the right players might land us the title, sorry to say in my humble opinion i don't think crouchy would!

    • i see he's holding crisis talks for about the third time with Rafa today. Can't see Crouch ever being more that a bit player now but Rafa is happy with that! Shame really as he's been a class act for us!

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      • Well I agree sort of with this. I don't know how much he is unsung, from what I can tell all of us fans love him as a player. He's no ego, even now ehen he must be so dissatisfied he isn't making ultimatums, whinging, or acting like a baby. Just being a good solid sensible pro. I have to be honest, and that is that game in game out he probably isn't good enough to play as part of the 1st 11. Not at the level we want to be. I will be upset to see him leave and I do think he should have played more than he has. Maybe double the amount of games and more apps as sub...but sometimes when he has played we have really struggled to break teams down. Its a difficult one, but I am convinced he's off especially based on Rafa's comments today, and I wish the lad well, and will alwways follow his career as I do with all loyal professional ex reds!!!!

    • i will have to agree with this..he is very underated but god knows why..maybe because he's ugly and he can't fit in a sports cars...who gives a f... he scores goals..ok he misses good chances but even torres misses i.e against chelski at home we shouldv finished them off there..

    • A great U-TURN, chickenfeed! Aren't you the same toe-rag who ridiculed his signing?

      cluckety cluck

    • F*ck me folks I agree with this c*nt!

    • don't forget the toffees paisley, crouch would link up well with the yak and AJ and within the next two years we'll be top four. we'll only give you 4 million for him though as age is against him.