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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 May 8, 2008 03:48 Flag

    Peter Crouch - an UNSUNG HERO!

    Damo, don't really think the thread makes much sense. On the one hand P&S wants Crouchy to play more, but accuses Rafa of too much Rotation. Right or wrong Rafa has settled right now with a single man up front, so if you play Crouch, you got to rotate Torres out, and who would rotate out a player scoring as many goals as Torres.

    I do rate Crouch, and think he could still contribute to the team if he says. But bottom line is Rafa does not think that a Torres/Crouch partnership is what we need. Therefore he's being deployed as an impact player coming off the bench, a player to focus on the cups not the league, and be a back up in case another striker goes down.

    If this plan stays in effect, then I think he may need to go. While I think he can contribute on the pitch, and he's been a model proffesional this season, he maybe worth more to us for the transfer fee he's worth, than the limited number of games he'll feature in next season.

    I would like to have seen him being the target man, holding up the ball and allowing Torres to play off him, but Rafa obviously thinks Torres is more effective using his pace with the penetrating passes from midfield, and he's is tough enough to play the lone striker role. Therefore Crouchie maybe at Villa Park or Fratton park come next season.

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    • D.Steer this is all well and good but Torres is not immortal. He can get injured. And when he does. We're up sh*t creek without a poodle. Crouchy is NOT getting enough minutes. We rely on Kuyt who is NOT a natural goalscorer. Cows ar*e and banjo with him. So we need another worldclass striker. Crouchy fits the bill. If Rafa thinks different then he NEEDS to act. Which to me shows his lack of strength when making decisions on league games. Rafa should go IMO

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      • Don't question that we need back up for Torres, casue your right he's not immortal. But is he (Crouchie) fit the bill? You can bemoan Kuyt getting the starts when Crouch does not, but Crouch cannot play wide on the right. He's a top player, but he is limited in the role he can play.

        While I'd personally really like to see him stay, realistically under the current ideas that Rafa has, of a lone striker supported by 3 attacking midfielders, he's not going to get much of a look in. He'll play if Torres is hurt, he'll come off the bench, or he'll play in cup matches. If Crouch is fine playing that role, then great let him stay, but I don't think he is, plus we have to consider the value we could get for him in the transfer market, and decide what is best for the club.