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  • colin colin May 14, 2008 19:54 Flag

    Thats what we are up against!!!

    The story on the DIC group when they were actually in the running to buy the club before they gave the club.... 24hrs to make up their mind...was that they were only looking to buy the club then put nothing else in either for players or for the new stadium and then sell the club on at a hefty profit a little way down the line.
    Now it seems that suddenly DIC are being regarded as the potential saviours of the club this summer from :The Evil Yanks: ? So...whats the :real deal: with DIC ? Certainly they have more than sufficient funds to make us more than just competetive with the top three BUT will they spend them to that end ? Ive read somewhere that they are in favour of a bigger stadium capacity than the sixty thousand the Yanks are talking about...makes sense to me a 75,000 seater. If they are in for the long-haul then they will splash the cash I think it would be very advisable to get that long haul gaurantee from them before considering them the potential saviours of LFC.