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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 May 13, 2008 01:06 Flag

    Thats what we are up against!!!

    The scary part is, this could be the average transfer fee spent by Chelsea this year, rather than one of the larger ones. Depending on what happens to some of their big names like Lampard and Drogba who are rumored to leave, plus depending on whether its Grant or some-one else in charge, their could be a major re-tooling at Stamford Bridge. The mega bucks rumor that would bring Messi to Chelsea, I'm sure its nothing more than press talk, but they maybe spending that kind of silly money on someone.

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    • And the bizarre thing is we have a huge squad already. Something like 26 players played for us last year and in January we bought two good looking players who haven't yet played. So unless Chelsea is going to move to having three possible first teams, any players coming in are going to have to displace large numbers going out.

      For example, we already have two right backs, both of whom have won the CL, one of whom recently extended his contract. And that's without Essien playing there when we play Makelele, Lampard and Ballack in midfield.

      FWIW I don't believe Lampard is going to leave. Never have. Drogba - who knows? He still has two years left on his contract and it is rumoured RA doesn't need the money.


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      • I don't think Lamps will go either. Robert, What happened to Kenyon's pledge of becoming self sufficient within a time frame? I mean Chelsea pay the most inflated wages in the league, have the biggest squad bar none really, and pay the most inflated transfer fees of any club in the world. Boswinga even in Portugal is rated a lesser RB than Ferreira, so how do you rationalise 16.2m?....Abramovich is not running that club as a business, and Kenyon oversees basically a plaything with money no object. How long can it continue for? Doesn't it tarnish any achievement as not really genuine? You have no player who is a true talisman (note: no player in the pfa team of the year), and no manager that really gets any credit!

      • Robert, lets assume for a moment that there is not a clear out of the current chelsea squad, but new players do arrive over the summer, so you end up with the 3 first team analogy you mentioned. At what point does it start upsetting the balance to have so many quality players?

        I have to give credit to Grant for keeping team spirit this year, when your either not naming to the squad, or playing off the bench 30 million pound players like Sheva. But are their limits when you try to bend the will of that many ego's? Just food for thought.