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  • Apparently there was an article in the Independent today that says that Gillett hasn't put in a 90 day notice period - so we are going to have to put up with the cattle rapist and the Mute for a while longer!

    If this is true - What a dumb c*nt!

    So there may be no resolution til August!

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    • What did you expect. DIC to come in straight away? Business doesnt work like that people. And especially with such high risk business like this. Hicks has a right to do what he wants regardless of what we think. And the same goes for Gilette. Be prepared for them to be at this club for a while longer. No-one knows the transfer budget. I bet Rafa doesnt even know. So just wait and see.

    • There goes the transfer budget! What a bunch of idiots, I really hope the report is wrong. At this point not sure I care what the outcome is, DIC, Hicks or whatever, but it needs to be sorted for good, so we can get back to a stable club focusing on the football.