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  • Anyone But United Anyone But United May 15, 2008 18:30 Flag

    Grant moaning about Bennett.....

    ...seems to be the flavour of the day in today's back pages.


    Anyone think he has a point? Or just sour grapes?

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    • Since football became the game of the people it has been the referee who has been blamed by all and sundry when results did not go their way.Yes,mistakes are made by refs but they are only human and the person who never made a mistake never made anything.Technology may mean less referee errors but will it improve our game.I have my doubts of that as part of the game is arguing about the ref and how badly he did so best to accept mistakes are made,they are genuine mistakes and not intentional and get on with the game.
      I have been involved in football for near 50 years and referees are no better or worse than they were 40 odd years ago.
      Managers sometimes use these obscure attacks on referees to take pressure off themselves and their own team.

    • I am relieved to see at the end of this thread that posters who I am really coming to respect (abu, Dsteer and Robert in particular) seem to prevail by taking a balanced objective view of whats being discussed. For my part, I think that technology MUST be used - the only reason I have heard of for it not is that it stops the flow of the game. This seems irrelevant to me now - the technology is so quick that disruption is minimal, and the lengthy process of ref's making a decision, contacting linesmen, being surrounded by players etc appears to cause just as much disruption to the game.
      I do not want to allign myself alongside anyone who claims Utd were gifted the title, or that they are purposfully favoured (particularly by certain referess) as I think that it is both impossible to substantiate and highly unlikely. I do think that referee's sometimes are subconsciously affected by the stature of the teams they are refereeing, and where the game is being played - but that the influence can work both ways.
      The big problem for me is the lack of consistency in refereeing at the moment. For Mascherano to be sent off, Torres to be given a yellow in the way they were, appeared to set a new standard in refereeing in the EPL. Watching several games following this, I have seen similar and worse from other players, with no action taken. I don't believe this is due to bias by referees, simply that some will enforce something more forcefully than others. This inconsistency needs to be removed from the game. I believe it is the FA that are failing referees (who do an impossible job) by not deciding clearly WHAT the laws of the game are, and HOW they should be enforced by ALL referees.


    • Robert, I can agree with this. I don't understand in the age of so many technological tools, and an ever increasing speed of action, why the FA will not at least test some measures that could assist officials. For some reason they'd rather keep the game "pure" and accept a certain number of mistakes.

      My intent is not to scapegoat particular refs, (although sometimes I'd like to) but to point out that mistakes have been made, and improvement is required if the integrity of the game, and the belief by the majority of fans, that the field is still even.

      While obviously not happy with the Styles case at Anfield, at least the FA took action after the ref himself admitted he'd made a mistake. Admitting mistakes is the first step of correcting them, or ensuring they don't happen again. But the normal routine is a player or a manager speaks out, the FA closes ranks, and fines are handed out. I don't like managers speaking out, Rafa did it this year in CL and it was not pleasent to see, but when the FA is silent the majority of the time, who else is going to?

    • Here here !!!

    • I've not yet offered my own view about Bennett on this thread, but I will say this.

      I don't like it when he referees our games, no matter who the opponent. I think Alan Wiley is streets ahead of him.

      I find it unbelieveable that Bennett was even being considered for the CL final. Sanity appears to have prevailed there at least.....

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      • I think a fair way of putting this, is if you remember a referee from a match, you got to question if he did a good job or not. Fact is, refs who let the game flow, seem to get a majority of the calls right, are not remembered much by either set of fans, players or the press. So why does Bennett's name keep coming up?

        I'm not saying, nor have ever said he help the Mancs win the title, although their jumping all over this thread, and its sister thread on their board tell me they are very defensive on this issue, but I do think its quite fair to question all referee's and the performance they put in. If we can get over the thought that refs might be biased (which they might be, but that is a different topic) and focus on compentency, then we can make some progress. If the FA did the same thing, rather than always get defensive and hand out fines anytime a manager raises these issues, the game itself might actually improve.

      • Morning Abu, Glad to hear everything is 'cooking at the moment' on another post.


    • In fairness, Grant isnt the only one. Everyone not from Salford, London and Cornwall are asking the same questions

    • This is the same referee who gave Torres a yellow card for asking the referee for more protection because Man United players were rough-handling him at OT. That was a soft yellow to give, if Bennett is that strict as United fans now claim he'd have given Scholes a 2nd yellow against Wigan for far worse offence than the Torres' incident at OT which didnt deserve a card.

    • This is the same referee who gave Torres a yellow card for asking the referee for more protection because Man United players were rough-handling him at OT. That was a soft yellow to give, if Bennett is that strict as United fans now claim he'd have given Scholes a 2nd yellow against Wigan for far worse offence than the Torres' incident at OT which didnt deserve a card.

    • Why are the visiting Man U fans so defensive on this subject? The original question asked if Grant has a point about a particular ref, not whether Man U were favored all season (that would be a different although intersting topic).

      Look Bennett's performance in the Man U v Wigan match, but also think about his other performances. He's also the one who sent of Masch at OT, and I remember clearly the Mancs all telling me that he was just enforcing the letter of the law. Although on this thread its argued the ref (the same ref) should be allowed to give leeway on clumsy tackles or give benefit of the doubt on hand balls if he thinks their is no intent. I also remember many commentators saying Masch should have know better, not only because of the Cole situation earlier in the week, but because Bennett as a reputation amongst players for being one of the strictist enforcers (ie, not giving any leeway).

      So rather than trying to beat up the mancs for winning due to friendly refs, or the mancs defending themselves, why not answer the actual question. Is Bennett a good ref, did he have a good match last weekend, and had he been consistent?

    • Grant is totally right. The referees are all corrupt, and even when they give decisions against Manchester United, they are secretly working in United's favour, but only in a way that is explicable to a 'genius' like Slayer.

      BTW - what exactly did Bennett do wrong? Ferdind incident was not a penalty unless a new interpretation of handball has been recently introduced, and SCholes two clumsy tackles were definitely not worthy of a dismissal.

      And even if Scholes had have been dismissed, do you really think that Wigan would have got anything out of the game? No, clearly the better team won. Whereas Grant's Chelsea balls-ed it up against Bolton. There are no excuses for them, and if anybody objectively analyses this season it has to be admitted that the top 4 finished in the 'right' order given their performances over the 38 games.

      BTW - how come everybody goes all Arsene "didn't see it" whenever a bad decision goes against United. All the big clubs have had pretty much the same standard of refereeing, so as the old adage says, it does even out.

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      • Just beacause a tackle is clumsy doesnt mean it doesnt warrent a yellow card!

        His second one was far from clumsly anyway, it was a delibrate foul!

        As for the Rio "penalty", no rule changes need, hit his upper arm, simple penalty and possible sending off.

        Although he did miss a certain penalty against paul scholes but he shouldnt have been on the pitch.

        As for Man U would have won anyway, wigan gave you a decent scare until the second goal.

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