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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 May 16, 2008 22:55 Flag

    Grant moaning about Bennett.....

    I think a fair way of putting this, is if you remember a referee from a match, you got to question if he did a good job or not. Fact is, refs who let the game flow, seem to get a majority of the calls right, are not remembered much by either set of fans, players or the press. So why does Bennett's name keep coming up?

    I'm not saying, nor have ever said he help the Mancs win the title, although their jumping all over this thread, and its sister thread on their board tell me they are very defensive on this issue, but I do think its quite fair to question all referee's and the performance they put in. If we can get over the thought that refs might be biased (which they might be, but that is a different topic) and focus on compentency, then we can make some progress. If the FA did the same thing, rather than always get defensive and hand out fines anytime a manager raises these issues, the game itself might actually improve.

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    • United fans are right to be defensive on this issue, as so much bullshit has been accepted as 'fact' by fans, the media, ABUs, etc. It is getting boring - and there are very few so-called football fans who give United any credit....

      And don't forget that this is the same Steve Bennett who referee-ed the Cup Final last year when Carlos Queiroz lashed him for his decisions.

      Answer me one question: if perfect referees existed in the EPL, who would have won it this season? That is a rhetorical question, because you know United would have won it more easily had there been 'perfect' refereeing.

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      • John, do me a favor, go back and read both my posts on this thread. Think I've been very clear, but one more time: I do not think Bennett handed you the title. Over 38 games, unfortunatly for this Liverpool supporter, Man U were the better team this term.

        But, my point, if you'll read it, is that I think we should question the performances by refs. Bennett has a stinker last weekend, as have many refs this year. It may have given or taken away points from certain clubs, but who knows if it handed anyone an advantage or not. But that is not my point, the point is we need to be honest about refs performances, and so do the FA, so hopefully we get a better quality next season and beyond.