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    Johnson to Liverpool

    I just read this, I have heard that with FIFA likely to rule that premiership clubs have to have a minimum number of british players in the team at any one time, Rafa does seem to be thinking English with Barry, Bentley, Milner and now Johnson all supposed targets. Manure and Chelski would be ok if this rule were to be applied but LFC and even worse Arsenal would have to start thi nking British with both New players and youngsters. All in all it would be good in my opinion.

    MICHAEL JOHNSON will spark a Manchester City exodus by sealing a switch to Liverpool.

    The £6million-rated England Under-21 midfielder is wanted by Rafa Benitez as the Kop boss looks to bring in fresh blood.

    And with City sources insisting EVERYONE is up for sale due to the uncertainty over Sven Goran Eriksson’s future, Johnson will be the first to go.

    Skipper Richard Dunne is weighing up moves to Newcastle or Everton while Manchester United will lead the chase for Micah Richards.

    Elano, Martin Petrov and Joe Hart have also been targeted by a host of Premier League clubs.

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    • Dsteer, I totall see what your saying man, I like the idea of the possible positives it could bring but agree possible doesn't mean certain and agree with the negatives you are saying. I just find it very interesting thats all.

      I think like we discussed in a previous thread that this should be a rule for the grass roots of world football, teams should not be able to buy unlimited amount of foreign youth players, I think alot of British players who now reside in the championship or lower could be better players today if they were given a better chance with a bigger club, instead of being pushed out by foreign youth who seem to come to our big teams, gain decent coaching and skills and then take that back home or to another country. The fact that we buy in alot of foreign youngsters and have very few if any british youngsters going abroad says to me that we must be doing something wrong in this country not because of the foreign influx nessassarily but because our grass roots non league coaching, pitches and skills are CRAP.

      Like I said I like the possible positives this 5+6 rule could have but I think FIFA should start to concentrate on youth structures of world football and the FA and SFA should start to seriously look at the grass roots structure in Britian and with better more skilled youngsters in this country together with a better chance of them playing at a higher level and a young age will have the benefits for British football inthe long run.

    • Chris, the European Commision has also come out again clearly stating that this proposal contravenes current European employment law, so from their perspective its a non starter.

      Personally I'm not sure why the FA is backing the idea in theory, but my gut says it does not want to offend either FIFA or UEFA, but its a bad idea for the EPL, and most English (and European) clubs are very much against it.

      For sure, removing a larger number of foreign players is going to reduce the standard of the domestic league. Which will potentially mean a reduction in revenue for the English game. While it will allow more English players to play at the top level, it does not mean, these players (currently playing at Championship or lower levels) will be any better players because of it.

      Additionally, FIFA should think what this will do for the game globally, which should be its main concern. Many countries that do not have a functioning professional league, or a league well below European standards, have many of their top players plying their trade in Europe. Think what impact this will have on African, or Asian counties national teams, when their best players no longer have access to not just playing in a top league, but the training and financial rewards that go along with it. Some of these countries are now competitive at the international levels, by fielding a majority of European based players. Would they be, if the majority of their players play domestically in semi proffesional or even amature leagues?

      Lastly, think who's really backing this, and who is most likely to win, by bringing down the overall standard of play in European domestic leagues? Think which leagues, and or which countries have seen their own fortunes diminish due to the EPL. Which countries no longer dominate in terms of European compititions, or in terms of financial rewards? See any links?

    • FYI
      The Football Association have voted in favour of further exploration into Fifa's much-maligned 'six-plus-five' rule which would see a restriction on the number of foreign players allowed in starting XIs.

      The president of world football's governing body, Sepp Blatter, is keen to see the initiative implemented in time for the 2012/13 season but had seen his plans meet by widespread concern.

      However, having presented the concept at Fifa's Congress in Sydney this week he has received overwhelming support.

      The FA, along with many of their European counterparts, have asked for Uefa to work with Fifa in order to explore how the proposal could be introduced, but have backed the idea in theory.


      A spokesman for the FA said: "Bringing through more high-quality English players in the future is an absolute priority for the FA.

      "One of our reservations has always been that the 'six-plus-five' rule appears to contravene European law and we welcome further exploration of its legality.

      "However, this is a question of balance and we believe first and foremost in a meritocracy system, where players appear in club teams based on performance and ability.

      "This is at the core of our coach and player development strategy over the coming years."

    • Whatever the answer is in improving the calibre of English players, think your right to focus on the younger players. Not sure setting limits on clubs, is still the answer, as they are businesses, and have learned to search the globe for the next big thing as the pay off can be huge. But developing kids at home definitly has to be the start. You just got to look at grassroot facilities in the UK compared to other countries, and its not surprising that by the time a kid is in his teens, the non British kid has had a more rich exposure to the game. Think we need to see what we can do to strengthen training at very small clubs, improving public facilities, and making sure as many kids as possible are exposed to the game. Who knows where the next Gerrard will come from, but if he's never given a decent pitich to play on, a decent coach at a very young age to learn the basics, he'll never turn into a world class player.

    • I hear your point man, I think you are spot on and didn't think of it that way.

      I agree that the quality of our league is better for the top european players we have, but do you think maybe the limit of foreign youth players may make a difference, for instance maybe if we had more homegrown youth players in our top teams we may bring through more talent in the future giving us a better quality of homegrown players in the future? and this may not damage the level of the game here. I understand buying Torres or Ronaldo in their very late teens or early 20's or even buying in someone like Eto who is in his late twenties but should we really be buying two bulgarian 15./16 year olds when we could have maybe had 2 british players of that age, they may not make it into the first team the same as the bulgarians we have now might not, but at least there may be two home grown players that have had a really good start in football and could in future go on to do great things for their country?

    • Chris, not sure how this works in the Cricket world, although I doubt there are many aspiring Cricket players from Spain who would be taking this to court to ask for employment help.

      I understand your point that it will help the England team, although I don't agree on that it will help. The argument is that the more chances the English players get, the better the England team will be. But allowing more Englishman to play in what will become a lower grade league does not IMO help them as footballers. Fact is they already get chances to play, although either at lower level Prem teams, Championship or below teams, or by going abroad (they also are not restricted from playing anywhere in Europe). So its not playing minutes the marginal English players lack, but the ability to play with top class team mates. But if league standards are lowered by restricting all but a few better players from abroad, then the whole league standard goes down.

      In fact I think this would hurt the English national team. For example, both Gerrard and Rooney are all but certain of spots now in the national team. And they would if there was a quota system in place. But ask yourself are both these players challenged and improving by playing alongside Torres, or Ronaldo? But would these foreign players play if there was a quota? While foreign players would still be allowed, would Torres have come if he did not think he was joining a team that was now and is likely to continue to be one of a handful of top European teams, or how long before Ronaldo decided to leave to go to Real Madrid, if he did not think Man U would remain one of the top rated clubs in the world?

    • Tell u a player whose been touted as a new wonderkid and thats a player at Cardiff Aaron Ramsey..

      Maybe we could put a bid in for him? He can play in multiple roles supposedly..which is what Rafa likes.. .

    • Blatter is a class one cunt

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