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  • chris n chris n May 31, 2008 15:54 Flag

    Johnson to Liverpool

    Dsteer, I totall see what your saying man, I like the idea of the possible positives it could bring but agree possible doesn't mean certain and agree with the negatives you are saying. I just find it very interesting thats all.

    I think like we discussed in a previous thread that this should be a rule for the grass roots of world football, teams should not be able to buy unlimited amount of foreign youth players, I think alot of British players who now reside in the championship or lower could be better players today if they were given a better chance with a bigger club, instead of being pushed out by foreign youth who seem to come to our big teams, gain decent coaching and skills and then take that back home or to another country. The fact that we buy in alot of foreign youngsters and have very few if any british youngsters going abroad says to me that we must be doing something wrong in this country not because of the foreign influx nessassarily but because our grass roots non league coaching, pitches and skills are CRAP.

    Like I said I like the possible positives this 5+6 rule could have but I think FIFA should start to concentrate on youth structures of world football and the FA and SFA should start to seriously look at the grass roots structure in Britian and with better more skilled youngsters in this country together with a better chance of them playing at a higher level and a young age will have the benefits for British football inthe long run.