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  • A Yahoo! User May 26, 2008 17:55 Flag

    Judge For Yourselves Who is Best.

    Typical Scouse comment...
    How many teams did Paisley make from scratch???
    Whats that???
    I cant hear you...
    SPEAK UP!!!
    If Shankley hadnt build up "his" team, Paisley wouldnt have won a thing...
    Now kindly crawl back into your hole and come up with something better...

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    • well the stats are there for all to see. but what you fail to acknowledge is the gap between him taking charge, and actually winning anything! he was granted a luxury that no one gets these days,time, and lots of it! Paisley and shankly called time on there own careers, and i dare say had they continued on we would have an even longer honours list. so just remember it's taken fergie over 20 yrs to build that list, no one else has been as stubborn. if he'd have got the sack from man u (which was on the cards) before your 1st title in over 20 yrs (yes that's longer than we've gone without the title so remember that when your building comparisons!!) you lot wouldn't be close to our haul!! and while you crow about the title we just keep adding other honours, and we'll be back for the title eventually, what goes around comes around as you lot can well and trully testify to!!