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  • Turkey_Slapper Turkey_Slapper May 27, 2008 16:27 Flag

    Torres to chelski?

    That wont happen. No one would be dumb enough.. Ronaldo scored 42 goals for the season..But how many were from the spot? I would say atleast 10-12? So when you take that out of the equation He would be around the same goal mark as Torres.. Now given Madrid are valueing him at 100-150 mil (enough to buy a club) then considering Torres's ability 50mil is small money...Thats grocery money comapred to his worth and contribution to LFC and thats not even taking into consideration of Jersey sales with his name. Never mind what we paid for him..His value now should have trippled in value at the bare minimum. SO to reply to your statement I think only a real Dumb F.u.c.k would sell him at 50

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