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  • chris n chris n May 27, 2008 23:50 Flag

    Are we to loyal?

    The thing with Arsenal is that they have lost Flamini who was awsome for them all last season, they will lose Hleb who has been great for them also, I can see him bringing in young players but I can't see them bringing in two players with as much quality as them two. So I can't see them being any better for sure.

    I think Chelsea are in a dilema which I think you see quite often on the continent with teams like Real, Barca and some Italian teams who change their manager and too many other playing/caoching staff too often and it only leads to inconsistent success. They will still be one of the teams to beat but I think they are going to be less of a force this year than they were last. Which goes with you point that we cannot afford to make too many changes.

    Man U are the team to beat, no doubt, I hate them but respect them, I hate Ferguson but admire him for what he and they have achieved over the last 10/15 years with green eyes. However wether Ronaldo stays or goes I can't see Man U getting the glut of goals from him this coming season and with Giggs and Scholes beginning to slowly bow out I don't think they have the quality and/or experience to replace them. Defensively they are awsome, Attacking they are great but I think their midfield is either a little too long in the tooth, not good enogh or a little to inexperienced. I will be interested to see if they improve their midfield or not as this will make all the difference.

    I am always the optomist so Come on Rafa and the Migty Reds lets at least take it to the last day of the season and show we are true contenders.