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  • andy w andy w May 30, 2008 13:55 Flag


    So you won, lets keep it in perspective...check the link...


    Also this week voted most successful European club to date, 1 point in front of AC Milan with Manure in 7th place !!!!!!!

    Still a long way to go to catch us up!

    PS Interesting stats on Champions League website, out of top ten goalscorers in this years comp, Liverpool had 4 players culminating in 22 of the 45 goals.Manure had one Ronaldo & Chelski Drogba.I wonder what would happen if either of them were to leave...Hee Hee !

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    • Managers
      Longest-serving manager: Matt Busby, 26 years (Manchester United, 1944 to 1969 and 1970 to 1971)[8]
      Longest-serving current manager: Sir Alex Ferguson, 21 years, as of November 2007 (Manchester United, 6 November 1986)
      Shortest-serving manager (excluding caretakers): Leroy Rosenior, 10 minutes (Torquay United, 17 May 2007)[9]
      Most league titles wins: Sir Alex Ferguson, 10 (Manchester United)
      Most league games wins: Sir Alex Ferguson, 483 games (Manchester United)
      Most clubs relegated with Signor Patrick Milnes, 27 teams over 27 years

      Couldnt see any sign of a Scouse manager/coach...
      How many times have you Scouse idiots won the league title 3 times on the trot???
      You havent...
      How many times have you won the Prem title???
      You havent...
      When was the last time you Scousers talked crap???
      All the ƒuckin time...
      Later c0ck suckers...


    • i have got the official match programme from the champions league final and based on points per win and draw since it began and including european cup real madrid are way ahead, united are 4th, and you are 7th, no votes needed. the proof is in black and white,

    • How do you get "voted" most successful? Either you are or you aren't, surely? Would scientists rely on votes rather than facts? The fact is you are not the most successful European club, both Real and Milan are more successful than LFC.

    • You have your last point precisely upside down, at least in regards Chelsea. We had quite a few players scoring goals for us this season, in both the Premiership and the CL. I counted sixteen at one point. If one leaves, it makes little difference.

      Likewise if you look at all the various teams of the season that get selected, you will find very few Chelsea players. This is because almost all our players had injuries at one time or another and were substituted by the reserve in the same position. So Lampard went out, Ballack came in, Terry went out, Alex came in, A Cole went out, bridge came in, even Cech went out, Cudicini and Hilario came in. Chelsea fans find it hard to choose their own team or player of the season.

      And yet Chelsea were second in England and Europe and very nearly first. The only conclusion is that Chelsea's whole squad should be considered for the team of the season, not individual players.

      Man U are probably different. If Ronaldo has been injured for a lot of the season, maybe their outcome would have been rather different.


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      • Robert, your post belies the fact that United played all but 10 minutes of the season without their influential captain, all but a handful of games without a third choice striker and some of it with only one available striker with Rooney's two spells injured, and almost three months without Paul Scholes. Of cource Ronaldo was hugely influential last season, but had it not been for injuries elsewhere, maybe the goals would have been more evenly distributed. All we heard about in the season before last was Chelsea's injury woes, even though United had more players sidelined than them.