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  • LFC_Armchair_Supporter LFC_Armchair_Supporter Jun 11, 2008 16:01 Flag

    David Villa - A Transfer Rumour In The Making!

    How do u know whose signed and who isn't? Deals could well be struck as we type ...it's not as if Rafa and the scounts will announce who they're chasing is it?

    So we might well be having some big name players b4 the season starts? Barry is more or less on the way.. with the sale of Riise, Alonso and others as well as money directly from H&G then who knows what funds we have..

    Maybe Villa could be getting signed as I type this?

    Best thing is to wait and see who we've actually got in when the transfer deadline has closed before we speculate?

    The big plus in Rafa's favour regarding Villa is the spanish connection including Torres whose over there as well as Alonso and Arbeloa and Reina.. all of which could promote and entice Villa or Silva to join us !!!