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    Barry Deal - who's in the driving seat?

    Saw this morning that Villa have rejected our 3rd offer for Barry, the lastest vallued around 15 million. My question, now that Barry has gone public that he wants CL football, and a move to Liverpool, who has the upper hand in the negotiation.

    Spent a little time on the Villa board debating the Barry issue with the Villians, and while they are obviously a little testy about potentially losing their captain, but are a fairly amicable bunch. But, they seem to value Barry a lot higher than we do right now, and while some estimates are obviously not realistic (30M +), most recon he's in the 18-20M range.

    Having said that, seem's MON feels the same way, or he's playing hardball in an effort to keep the player. So if Villa does eihter value him that highly, or are willing to keep a high price on him to keep him in the Midlands, do they have a good negotiating position? With the player obviously wanting a move, and the fact that while Rafa obviously wants him, its not as if he does not already have a top level central midfield already with Alsonso, Masch, Gerrard, and Lucas, maybe we actually have the upper hand.

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    • It would now appear it'll cost us £20m to prise Barry away from Aston Villa !! Is Barry a better player than Mascherano? Whom only cost us £18m.. I don't think Barry is as good as Mascherano.. I'd like to see Barry here I think Rafa's valuation of Barry is spot on.. £15m is about right.. and we could get a far better player elsewhere in Europe or around the world for £15m.. MON is just being greedy... sure it's been proven Barry and Gerrard play well together for England.. and having them play together week in week out would be better for England.. I'm not so sure it'll benefit us?

      Lets look about Europe and see who we'd get for £15m? I'm sure we'd get a younger player who could be moulded into the player LFC need.. the only reason Rafa would get another english player is on account of the new rule regarding foreign players which looks to be coming in..

      I'm sure though if Barry was hell bent on coming here he could and he also could refuse to play anymore games for MON until he's allowed to come here no doubt Barry's agent is doing all he can to bring him here? Failing that barry might be able to uy out his contract then MON wouldn't have any say !!

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      • Well said - Barry is not worth £20M - still not convinced what he's going to bring that we dont already have.

        Rather we kept Alonso and put the money towards players we do need - Villa plus a winger or two. Lets face it, if we meet Valencias asking price you know Villa will come running.

        Like you also say, we can get more for our money in Europe that blowing it on Barry.

        Pull out and let MON explain to Barry as to why he wont now (probably) ever get to play CL football - cos AV will never break into the top four.

    • I'd love to see they guy at LFC, for no other reason than he comes from my home town.

      BUT........this is a test of how bad Rafa wants him, and indeed how bad Barry wants to come.

      I, like others, think that we are heading for a price tag that is unreasonable - we paid 18m for Mascharano, and Barry isn't that good (although you can argue that they are different styles). Also I think MON is making himself look stupid by playing this 'hardball' game with Rafa - end of the day, who outside Villa supporters actually thinks they can break into the top four? So to prevent Barry achieving what he dreams of as a footballer is disgraceful and I hope this gets sorted quickly and cleanly - OR Rafa quickly turns his attentions elsewhere before we waste anymore time.

      Cheeky bid for Pirlo..........slightly past his very best, but still a wonderful player.

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      • Like the idea of Pirlo. Yes he is past his best, but god can he strike the ball! The freekicks alone is enough to get him in the squad.

        Mind you I'm not sure that Rafa is really looking for a long term player, but more someone who will have an impact on the squad for the next 2 seasons. We've already got the long term partners for Masch playing in the youth team and reserves. Lucas, Plessie and the kiddies just need to grow as players, but that is at least a season or 2 away.

    • I agree once again its too much at 20 mil.

      From what we have been told in the media that it was a 15 mil straight cash offer which i think is a very good deal. Now I understand Villas point of view as Barry is the Heart of their team and they probably want a decent amount of money so they can replace him with, But it comes down to Player valuation. From what we have heard from Rafa that the two clubs had a agreement over Carson at 10 mil and with the option to sign. Now Villa despite agreeing now choosing not to budge at 10 mil.

      For arguments sake if we devalue Carson to 5 which i think is probably reasonable then 15mil + Carson is still comes to to a value of 20mil for Barry!!! Thats too much. I personally would love to see an English player with Gerrard in the middle of the midfield with Mash as holding midfield in our 4-2-3-1 formation, but there are similar players around Europe who play a similar role to Barry, such as Jose Moutinho and Migues Velouso and both younger and very technically gifted players. Obviously Barry has the Left footed advantage which we need.

      My point of view I we offer 12 mil cash for Barry and Carson valued at 6 mil...making up a pckage of 18 mil. And all this funded by the sale of Xabi for 14-15 mil and despite all this I dont feel it as it a fantastic deal. (Would hate to see Xabi go as there is that emotional attachment of the CL final).

    • To be honest I'd let Martin O'Neill keep him.

      £15m is more than enough for a 27 yr old - and to be honest I dont see how he brings that 'X' factor to the LFC midfield.

      I'd much rather see the money spent in other positions & if Barry wants a 'Gary McAllister' role in 18-24 months - have another look then.....

      If Plessis and the like are not good enough by then, well....

    • so 15million pound is rejected? ok, 15million pound plus Carson. I think it's enough.

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      • Even if you value Carson on a budget, that would put the total value of the offer at 18-20 Million or more. Is a player who is not a regular starter (I know he's beginng to shine now, but he's still not the regular) for his country really worth this kind of money?

        I know many bring up the Carrick deal of 18 Million, but Carrick was first over priced, and because he was younger part of the price was the expected potential of the player. How much better is a 28 year old Barry going to get?

        We paid about 18 Million for Masch who is part of the core of our squad, a regular starter for his country (who lets be honest is a heck of lot better than the England national team right now), and who at 24 has his best years still in front of him.

        If we have to pay more than 15 or 16 million (which I still think is too high) then I'd say give him a pass, no matter how much Gerrard might want his mate at Anfield. I just don't see the value.

      • i know must villa fans dont rate carson and i think we will be keeping him as back up as there have been no bids,the villa fans say his positioning is awful many blame him for not qualifying for europe

    • What they have to realise is that he can buy his own contract out. Someone else could probably fill in the details and technicalities of this coz I don't know exactly what he's paid or how long he has on his contract.

      I feel they need to be a little more sensible in their valuation, or they could be left with a very unhappy player still on their books. Definitely no good for moral.

      I think all this started coz we over valued Carson and Crouch. We've just got ourselves (LFC) to blame for their tough stance. Though I think we ultimately have the upper hand.

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      • I understand that barry has 2 years left on his deal and therefore cannot buy out the remainder of his contract and as far as who has the upper hand in the negotiations i think it is always the selling club unless they are in dire financial straits and as we now villa are a long way from that,the only real way to solve this would be for Barry to submit a transfer request but it rarely happens these days and i dont think he is worth the 15 million we are bidding as it is so it would be ridiculous to keep upping the offer as many people have already stated we are very well off in centre midfield