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  • kyle kyle Jun 14, 2008 22:53 Flag

    We need wingers

    I think to challenge manure/chelsea/arsenal next season we need to bring 2 world class wingers in im putting in a list of the wingers that we could afford possibly

    Joaquin (big fan of this guy fantasic feet)
    Arjen Robben (maybe)

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    • I've just read that Chelsea are having a clear out, SWP and Joe Cole might be up for grabs.

      Not sure how they would fit in with Rafas plan though.

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      • As has already mentioned, zambrotta has already agreed a move to ac milan so no go there regardless of how over the hill he is.

        I think due to our budget we might have to take a gamble on someone like arda turan - unfortunatley. I agree, he looks quite good but i think for us to be able to compete for the league next season we need top quality...now!

        I think we need two top wingers as we should move babel up top (imagine him and torres together with the pace and skill they both in abundance, and both with a seasons premier leageue experience under their belts) in place of crouch and voronin. So we should go for the likes of quaresma, bently and silva.

        The question s will the yanks supply rafa with the tools to do so? I doubt it!

    • I heard last night that Arda Turan from Galatasaray was being trailed by a few large Prem clubs. Not sure if we are amoung the suitors, but at 21 he might be the type of player Rafa would go for. Look real handy last night against the Czech's and aganst the Swiss the other night. Seems to have a cool head, and really likes to run at defenders. He's not the big name that so many on here crave for, but would be a lot cheaper (leaving money for other buys) .

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      • I agree Arda looks like a great player and he is only 20, plenty of time to get better. I also liked Moutinho of portugal he can play right across the midfield apparently and also I like Baramji of Switzerland who is a free agent and can play right back and right wing.

        What about getting a couple of experienced free transfers in to bolster the wide areas of the squad for the next season or two, might help us over a long season and we have been linked with both Solano and Stelios in the past, both wide players who are proven in the EPL and could do a bit part job for us??? and give us extra funds for the likes of Quresma/Silva/Bentley/Downing etc

    • You are in dreamland..

      but a Turkey_Slap is free ;p

    • Zambrotta has played on the wing many times before and done a very good job of it

    • Zambrotta is not a winger and he already joined Milan. You can also remove Sionko (old and no better than what we have), Robben and Ribery (unrealistic).


      Out of these, I'd take either Bentley or Quaresma.