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  • LFC_Armchair_Supporter LFC_Armchair_Supporter Jun 20, 2008 03:42 Flag

    Xabi reminder

    I agree Silva would be a very option for us.. he knows Torres very well as well as Reina etc..

    So if we sell Crouch, Pennant, Riise, Alonso then we can get in Silva.. and then maybe another winger or striker.. we've enough defenders and midfielders .. we're light on strikers / wingers.. we've makeshift wingers in Kuyt & Babel when they were signed as strikers.. and on the squad list they're classed as strikers but they're not playing the roles they were orginally signed for.. if Rafa insists on playing wingers running down the flanks and laying in crosses to Torres.

    Then lets get some proper wingers not use strikers that we've had to make do with as wingers.. !! Babel & Kuyt aren't happy to be out on the wing so either sell Kuyt and get a proper winger / striker like Silva or use them in the roles they were bought for in the first place..

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    • Sell Kuyt! Are you mad or a manc?

      Who was the Liverpool player who shined for us in the knockout stages of the champions league? For me it was Kuyt.
      (the never say die attuide)

      And he has been in the most consistaint player for Holland!. And you say sell him. PMSL PMSL

      Y N W A