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    Xabi reminder

    For those wanting to see the back of Xabi Alonso - I hope you all saw his little cameo against Greece overnight. How can we possibly consider letting a player of his immense talent leave the club?

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    • I'm with loader on this one.

      Xabi can pull off a great pass and has scored some impressive long-range strikes, but his hit-miss ratio for club has not been where it needs to be for the last couple of campaigns now.

      It's all well to ooh and aah at a couple of handy performances. Those goals from half-way were great, but they were fortunate, a rarity. Last night for Spain again he was trying a few long-range pops on, but what did they come to?

      Xabi reminds me of Riise sometimes. Occasionally jaw-dropping with some of the things he does, but more often un-noticeable, even frustrating - especially in recent times. And I believe Barry would be a better complement to Gerrard in our midfield that Xabi has been of late.

      But that's just an opinion.

      On the subject of Riise - I would like to echo the sentiments of many on here towards this great servant to the club. Thanks for the memories, and all the best in Italy.

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      • Think we got to look at this by looking at the relative value of these players. Yes Alonso had an iffy season with us this year, but do remember he broke his foot twice (or at least re-broke it) which is going to put a crimp in anyone's form.

        My biggest worry with Alonso is not his attacking ability, but his weakness in defending. Fine when he has Masch next to him, but with Lucas I get a little nervous. In this area I agree Barry would be a better option. Also think Barry can play roles Alonso can't play. Barry could just as easily sit as the holding midfielder, push up to an attacking role, play the left wing, or even the left back if needed.

        But, and this is where I think the rubber hits the road. what is the final price on Barry going to be, and is this good value as a replacement for Alonso? If we are taking 15-16M for Barry, and this is mainly financed by a 14M sale price for Xabi, then fine. But as looks more likely, we're going to have to fork out 18-20M for Barry, then I'm not sure its worth it.

        Yes we are getting a better all round player in Barry, but I don't think he's an 18M+ player (sorry Villa fans, just my opinion). If that is what MON is going to hold us to, I'd rather Rafa walk away, and say we've already got one of the best passers of the ball in Europe, and we're going to keep him. Take the savings, and invest in our Full backs, and or a left wing/striker like Silva

      • It all depends on if we sign Barry because then we have Alonso, Maschereno and Barry vying for the defensive midfield spot whilst Xabi makes great passes he has faded in the last 18 months. Whereas both Masc and Barry are improving. so if Barry comes then Alonso goes to cover the transfer, I shall be sad to see him leave but that's football.

    • Yes, and I'm abit puzzled by some of the comments made here. I'm not sure if replacing Xabi with Barry would improve our results significantly. The problem and weakness we faced last season was not in the centre of midfield, but at the flanks, where the fluent of play have been lacking. The 4-2-3-1 formation used in the 2nd half of the season seems to be working very well for us, with Xabi been in the core of it. I would rather we use the limited money (no thanks to the lying Yanks) we have to buy a world class winger who can play in both flanks, and a good striker (to replace Crouch if he leaves).

      Now, if we could turn some of those draws into wns, and not lose to Manure, and the other big 2 this coming season, there is a high chance we could finally bring the league title back to Anfield. Nevertheless, I am expecting us to be in the title race all the way towards the end this time round, and not falter halfway through. I would be pleased enough if we can do that.

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      • Admittedly Barry cannot pass like Alonso. There are other factors to consider here. Barry will be hungry to prove himself. Alonso seems a bit "been there, done that" at the moment. Stevie will also be pleased at getting what he wanted and will have a better mentality as a result, which will filter through to the rest of the team. You have to look at the sum of the parts being greater than the whole on this one.

    • Glad to see at last one of you mentioned Xabi's recent injury problems. How long did it take becksie to overcome this same injury? Probably goes a long way to explaining why Xabi only started 17 games last campaign and it's hard to be sharp when you are only playing half as many games as you are used to in a season.
      As for his half line goals and pop shots the other night- totally irrelevant. His skill is in unlocking opposition defences with perfect passing and I can only think of one other player at LFC who can do it anywhere near as well - our beloved captain.
      He can't defend very well? I totally agree, but that is not what you play Xabi for. Masch is the defensive midfielder, Xabi is the creator. Don't talk about him playing along side Lucas because they both play the same sort of game - atacking, creative midfielders. If Lucas plays you need a defensive player next to him.
      And that is where Barry comes in - if he must. If you are going to rest Masch then you need someone else who can do his job. Xabi is not this person. Barry might be - although I am no great fan of Barry. As a defender I always thought him pretty ordinary. Admittedly in the last year or two he seems to have come on so I am hoping, if Rafa is serious about buying him that there is more imrpovement to come. And yes, he adds great flexibility since he can play as LB, LM or LW - although a player described as flexible tends to make me think "jack of all master of none."
      Finally, if Xabi is so ordinary why on earth would any euro clubs consider spending 15m for him? If he is as ordinary as you guys think, or as past it then you may need to rethink how much cash he can generate fro Rafa to buy a replacement.
      But that's just my humble opinion.

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      • I hear everything you say but he hasn't been injured for two years. Personally, I think he's lost any passion or fight he had for the club a while ago. He'll be missed by the fans, certainly. But he's not a huge loss to us as a team, considering his form (and not just recent form either).

        I wish him the best at his new club, it might give him the challenge he needs.

    • Are we going to be swayed out of our decision based on one game for his country when he performed abysmally all season and the majority of the season before?

      For me, he still has to go.

    • Our owner ain't Roman Abromovich!!