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  • The yahoo transfer rumours section keeps linking us with Bendtner from arsenal.
    Anyone heard anything along this line?
    Would he be a valuable inclusion to our strike force? I think yes if francenal were willing to let him go for a reasonable fee.
    I also think walcott would be a better pick up - again if francenal were willing to let him go.
    Maybe with the sorts of figures people are bandying around about Villa, Silva etc we could save a few quid and get a couple of "experienced" epl players instead. I reckon those two and maybe a good left sided player may just about see us right for next season. Pity about losing Alonso and Riise in the process, though - good back ups, especially Alonso.

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    • I really hope not ! Bendtner isn't the player we need right now ! I don't rate him at all !! Put the money towards a better partner for Fernando !!!!

    • I think walcott would be a good buy but we cant afford the 10 - 12 mil i think aresenal would want (at a minimum) and he would not be one for starting the majority of games just yet and I think due to our smaller budget (than last year) we need buy for the here and now, unless it is for nominal fees.

      I also dont wenger would be willing to let him go, especially after his amazing run against us last season in the champions league, the boys gonna be sensational when hes older, i dont think hes even 20 yet!

      With regards to bendter, yes he could be a good aquisition, as long as he understands he is only going to a bit part player, which i cant see as I think he will only leave arsenal for more first team football.

      Definetly better than Voronin though!!!!

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      • What i am saying ajay is that walcott still isn't ready to play the majority of games, and when it comes to the big money moves we want players who are for the here and now.

        I am not saying who this person should be, but i know walcott is not readymaybe a year or two.

        I would love for us to huy him but the we dont the have cash to spend that much on someone that raw...unfortunately.

      • If we can't aford 10-12m to buy england's best winger how on earth are we going to buy Silva, Villa and co?
        I really think all we needed to make last year's squad really competitive was another full back or two - and we seem to have already signed at least one - and a left sided midfielder/winger. Some are calling for a right winger, too.
        I believe our strike force of Babel, Torres, Crouch and Kuyt can do the job if they are allowed to play as just strikers, not wingers.
        So, we need a winger on each side of the park for when the full backs can't play overlap and provide the width. I personally like Pennant and i think given match time he will do the job for us. Many others think he should go. His obvious replacement, in my mind, has to be Walcott.
        Now all we need is a left mid and/or left wing. I don't think Barry is the man for us. I rather liked Zhirkov in the Euro games for Russia. I also like Petrov at Man C if they would let him go - very good at getting past defenders, just what we need.
        So, 2 left side players to buy, maybe 3 if you really want Pennant to go and replace him with Walcott.
        How much will Silva, Villa etc cost? Compared to these 3?

      • I'd love to see Walcott in Red at Anfield. The lad has been a Liverpool fan since he was a kid (I know he's still a kid), so could be great all round, if only Wenger would let us have him.