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  • ian s ian s Jul 3, 2008 22:04 Flag

    chelsea to buy more success

    so when Liverpool bought Torres, what were they doing if not trying to buy their way to the title ?

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    • i hate to repeat myself but did i not mention liverpool man u arsenal and chelsea in the original thread or has someone been reading only the parts they think matter

      and before you ask why is it called chelsea buy more success heres the answer

      since red rom took over chelsea have spent 590.4 million pounds in 4 seasons and have won 6 trophies that averages around 100 million a trophy

      now try and tell me chelsea aren,t the biggest culprits of over spending


    • i would call it buying to build your team as opposed to buying a team full stop - at least when we bought torres our money from sale of players provided us with the money to spend. you must be having a laugh to comparee the spending of LFC and Chelski !?!
      however, I agree with the post it's time to limit spending at transfer time - its getting ridiculous to the point of embarssing. Surely putting a cap on transfers can only serve to strengthen the premiership across all teams and make it more interesting ? I can even see the benefit of going back to maintaining at least 4/5 home players within the teams now.
      I can understand teams buying to expand and build - i know its a free market - but chelsea often buy players that other teams are in for purely cos they have the funds - its a shame that so much talent sits on the bench at times, i'd rather see these players on the pitch