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  • ian s ian s Jul 4, 2008 01:03 Flag

    chelsea to buy more success

    so if LFC had chelskis money, do you really think they would be any different ?

    you can fool yourself mate, but I'll just laugh thanks. jealousy is a cruel thing.

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    • Your right, if Liverpool had the money I'm sure a majority of the fans would have no problem on us spending it. In fact there are not many days when someone on here does not rant about the Yanks not coughing up more cash, or a call for DIC to come in had spend the money to build us a squad who can challenge.

      But take a step back a minute. Is this really how we want to league to operate? Do we really want our clubs, something most of us grew up with as children, often handed down from father to son, just to become objects for the rich sugar daddies to play with? Are all clubs just going to go out cap in hand to the rich boys club asking for someone to be our next meal ticket to glory?

      Money has always been in Football, but you've got to admit its getting a bit out of control. I don't mind a club that re-invests its success to keep itself at the top, but we are quickly becoming a league of have's and have not's.

      Championship clubs promoted to the Prem barely hang on, with many now excepting they cannot survive at the top, so they just take the one or two season pay day and go on back down.

      Other mid table club teams will never really challenge in the league unless either a top club has a meltdown, and or they get themselves a new sugar daddy. There main focus every season is avoid relegation, and hopefully increase gates so they can make a few bob.

      Forget about the financial gap between Chelsea and Liverpool which any honest person will admit is huge, what about the gap between Chelsea and Fulham, West Ham, or Wigan. Now is that really a fair compitition between clubs in the same league?

    • do you just not get the thread at all i aint saying liverpool with chelseas money wouldnt be the same what the thread is about is how the top four teams are pulling away from the rest because of there spending power and that chelsea are the biggest culprits of overspending and because of this players like barry, crouch, and so on are being bandied about at inflated prices and that my friend is chelsea and red roms fault and no-one elses


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      • I get what your saying john, Chelsea rip the ar$e out of it.

        However i dont think the top 4 are pulling away. We "the top 4" have always been a little better than the rest, but i could see a another team push in to that click very soon.

        Remember Everton give us a good run into the end of the season. As for spurs, it will be interesting to see the way they shape up this season!.

        Yes Manure and Chelsea are a we step ahead, and the reason for that as you say is because they can afford to buy the best out there, ie success.

        But i believe Rafa is building a winning side the right way, no problem was ever solved by throwing money at it. In the long term.