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  • Gavin A Gavin A Jul 4, 2008 15:20 Flag

    Are we good enough?

    Morning to all you fellow Liverpool supporter and whoever else on here,well my question is are we good enough to win the Premier this year and if not,where do you think we finish,who will win it????????

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    • Can we? Of course we can. Will we? I don't know. Its way to early to try to make a prediction. The transfer season has hardly got under way so we've no idea what the final squad will look like.

      But there are a couple positives we should be thinking about. First, it looks like we are not going to be selling any player we don't want to sell. So any changes in the squad should be a net improvement. So far it looks like full backs that can get forward, and with Crouch now all but gone, I'd expect another striker that can work better with Torres, and or a creative player who can play wide.

      Right now, unfortunatly, I'd have to say the mancs look the strongest. But the big question mark for me is if they can keep Ronaldo, and now also their assistant mgr. If both or either go, it will have an impact. That could opens things up for us. Also, with Arsenal having problems holding onto players, aand Chelsea looking to build a new team around Deco, its very likely our main competitors from last season could look very different next season, as they did last season.

    • you would need to buy another 10 players, sack your useless manager, change your name( so you can attract decent players). You would also need a fucking miracle.

    • I think the real reason why we didn't push harder last year was because as a whole we drew too many games.
      It pains me to say it but the top three were able to turn the 1-1 draws into 1-0 wins.This is something we have to resolve this coming season,if we do and i hope we do then we will push for a top two finish,ideally to end as champs!!
      so are we good enough,if this is resolved then yes i truely believe we are.

    • I don't think we're there yet.

      I think our run home last season gives us cause for some optimism to at least challenge properly, IF (a big IF) we can carry that same form and consistency into the first couple of months of the new season

      But that has nearly always been our downfall - too slow out of the blocks, so so during the middle part of the season and strong down the final stretch, when it's too little too late.

      We have to take more points off the 3 who finished above us last season to have any chance. 4 from 18 just isn't good enough. Do that and I think it will breed some confidence to get the other results we need.

      I can see us leapfrogging Arsenal, esp. if they lose Adebayor. The other two, not quite so sure about.

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      • We had a strong away form too remember, pity that fortress anfield didn't really kick in last season.

        I've got to agree with you though, but I would add that until we are financed to improve then we'll just tread water. 3rd or 4th for us again.

        Also the wholesale changing of the guard at Chelsea might see the manks run away with it this season.

        Lets just hope theres some major trip-ups through out the season for the other top four. Might make it another interesting season then. :D

    • We certainly not good enough to challenge ManuU and Chelsea at the top...and I think Chelsea will win it this time.

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      • We won't be good enough next season, and with the money available, signings that have been discussed and lack of activity really, from how I see it anyhow, I think 3rd is the BEST we can hope for next season, and it is going to be a struggle to hold onto one of the four top spots as I can see Tottenham at least challenging, as well as Villa. I can't see us scoring enough goals quite frankly, and that is our achilles heel!

    • We would need to beat United once .Beat Reading(or similar team) and convert three draws into wins. We won't do that or will we ???????

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      • yes, it would be nice to beat Man U, remember those days, before we played scared.

        What I noticed last year is that United, Arsenal and Chelsea don't let up- we do, then we fall behind and HOPE the other teams slow down, which they don't anymore. All that happened last year was fighting behind the scenes, stories of sacking the manager and other stories about not having any money- overall an atmosphere of distrust.

        We may not even make the top 4 with these acrimonious feelings behind the scenes. It's not often that you see any teams captain go to the press and admit that the backroom stories are effecting the players on the field. Hicks and Gillete have created a terrible atmosphere that is not conducive to winning games consistently,so there goes the Premiership. Actually, I don't see us winning anything with them around.

        Shanks and his backroom staff must be rolling in their graves. Remember the famous mutual respect between the club and the fans (this is Anfield), it's disintergrating, fast.

        The question is- is it too late to turn it around?