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  • jason n jason n Jul 28, 2008 16:09 Flag

    Keane on Merseyside

    According to reports on the radio city news this morning, Robbie Keane has been spotted on merseyside, and is due to meet Anfield officials this morning to tie up a move.

    What do you guys think about him? is he the answer to our problems?

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    • I think it was important for Rafa to bring a second effective striker to merseyside. Instead of buying foreign and potentially buying a dud, he's gone for Prem quality and experience in Robbie.

      He'll be a hit but its a pity that his age is slightly against him. We'll get two or three good seasons out of him IMO.

    • This is a very exciting signing

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      • As a yid, I'm sad to see Keane go, but business is business - and I feel you'll get 2 to 3 season's out of him!!

        Personally, I'm not really sure if he even knows where his true loyalties lie - I mean after our CC success he expressed a desire to stay at WHL for the remainder of his career, but once Liverpool expressed an interest he changed his mind, that desire was very short lived if you ask me!!!

        However, I wish him all the best, but obviously not against Spurs!!

    • Sad to see Crouchy go - but Keane will be a wonderfull replacement and a more alround striker than PC.

      The missing link? Maybe not - but he will get 15-20 goals and that is going to get us a lot closer to the top.

      A little more quality out wide and I think we are in for a great season.


    • To be honest I think his England form has a lot to do with the top four clubs generally not being interested.

      I saw a few of his games last season and was quite impressed with his shots and control.

      Being in quite a poor Middlesborough squad does him no favours at all. Which tells us he doesn't have the game turning ability of Gerrard for instance.

      You don't need to be Einstein to make a statement like that either.

      Considering we have had problems on the left for god knows how many years, Downing could do a job for us.

      Just to add to your stats Riise, Aurelio and Babel (our left sided players) only scored 5 in all comps combined.

    • My thoughts on some of the speculation on here.

      keane = prem experience, good foil for Torres, and his fair share of goals. Clever enough to compensate for fading legs which won't even happen for a couple/three years. Not worth 18m but I think the moeny has run away with our game...perhaps he is.

      Downing= waste of money, good crosser but has no trick, not great pace.

      bentley= not worth the money he is touted at. Good ball delivery from the right, but a poor mans beckham to be honest. Can't beat a man, no pace. Wenger didn't rate him and its not often he's wrong!

      If wingers are being spoken about the best in our game at the moment, and he is English, is Ashley Young. Don't know what he would fetch, but he's quick, has a trick, and is a better deliverer of a ball than downing or Bentley. He can hit a free kick, has a good attitude, and is the main reason for CArew's success last season.

      20m for Young anyone?

    • OR how about SWP pompey reportedly want him for £6 - £8M Bargain in todays mad merry-go-round.

      As for Keane, i think he will be a good signing, its not got me juices flowing though, neither would barry. Babel in pre season on the left looked similar to last season, hope he improves, as he's got bags of potential.


    • Who wouldn't take Ashley Young. He's in my fantasy team this year too. Quality.

      There absolutely no chance that Villa will let him go though.

    • Torres can't be expected to hold the front line on his own all season and needs a quality supporting striker, this is what we get with keane.
      A striker who bags in on average 20+ goals a season in all comps but also assits with a fair few.
      I have said for the last couple of years on this forum that Liverpool should go for Keane as I always thought he would suit to our type of football.
      Keane and Torres = The best strike force in the prem.

    • Thanks for shagging up the boards today, so let me be the first to welcome no7 to Anfield.

      Failte Keano