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  • Turkey_Slapper Turkey_Slapper Aug 1, 2008 00:08 Flag

    Barry = Alonso, Pennant,Voronin and Finnan..Are you kidding me?

    Thats is what the Daily Mail is suggesting. Liverpool has reached an agreement over Barry

    "Villa will receive a £17.5million fee plus right back Steve Finnan in exchange for a midfielder who will fulfil his wish to play in the Champions League this season after all.

    To find the money, Liverpool needed to provide the bank with a guarantee that funds to cover the move will be raised during the remainder of the close season.

    The transfer has dragged on since May when Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez made it clear that Barry was his top priority. The transfer has dragged on but now Benitez has to act quickly by offloading players to keep Liverpool's part of the bargain with financiers.

    Those destined for the exit door include Andriy Voronin, Alvaro Arbeloa, Xabi Alonso and Jermaine Pennant"

    Now if that is the CASE, where we loose 4 players to fund a player playing in a position where are are already stocked up..Dosent that leave our squad looking a bit thin to compete in all the competitions??

    Can somebody please explain to me Where is the Logic??

    Has Rafa lost his mind? Or is the Scouse not digesting properly? Wtf?

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    • Of course what all you muppets missing here is the obvious:-

      four less players......geddit? no?.... let me spell it out......

      ..........fewer players = less rotation !!


    • Arbeloa is wanted by two spanish clubs willing to pay 6m, Voronin by two german clubs willing to pay up to 5m and Pennant by Blackburn at 5m. Alonso is going nowhere for less than 13m, and Finnan is worth 1m.

      Thats 30m.........so how does that equal Barry at 18m?

      Arbeloa and Alonso are going nowhere in this transfer window it seems. Nor should they. The other three going, meaning the Barry transfer is 7m net makes perfect sense to me.

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      • Where do you get 30 mil from ? And whats your source about voro at 5 mil.

        Its still a waste because we let Pennant go then there is no more wide wingers left in the squad. Add to that Deggen is nothing to ride home about. i would rather have Finnan.

        Barry just does not excite at all. I cant see the justification. Please dont tell me rubbish like He is English..

        Big Mistake..

        Rafa should take a leaf out of Arsenes book, find a cheaper solution. So when i think more about this..I am having serious doubts about Rafa..I mean the way we played in the preseason is just horrible compare to how Arsenal has been playing.

        All the Dumb@sses complain about lack of money for Rafa and thats why we cant compete..rubbish ! Then how the hell is Arsene doing it? Rafa should take a crash course on Arsene's theory of developing youth and actually playing attractive football. Thats another matter which pisses me off. I love it when the lads win, but I am not a fan of the style of football we play. Too many High balls and lobs,..crap..Rafa should deploy Arsene's tactics of quick passing and good movement.