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  • A Yahoo! User Aug 2, 2008 22:55 Flag

    Is this Rafa's last season...

    Gentlemen ( and Ladies ) a bit of patience please. Rafa called
    a mad genius? Thats probably deadly accurate. He seems to
    piss off as many people as he pleases. I've whined & bitched
    myself with his constant rotation tactics. But.........give the man
    some credit where credit is due. Every damn one of you knows
    that in the majority of those draws last year....our boys carried
    the play. We desperately needed another striker.......... cold ,
    clinical , and deadly up front to provide the finish. Torres ,
    talented though he is , can't be the lone assassin...it don't work.
    And Rafa has strengthened the side with the addition of Keane.
    Rafa ain't going nowhere , he ain't done here just yet thank you
    very much.

    Closer. Ever closer.

    This is a hungry talented team. Bring on the new season.

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    • If Benitez starts ROTATING Keane Voronin up front to partner Torres instead of consistently starting Keane and allowing an understanding to develop between the two then u bet it will be his last season sport ! Worse he could at times even in EPL fixtures decide for :tactical: reasons known only to himself to leave Keane on the bench and start Torres as lone striker ??? It seems to me that if Benitez runs true to form , going by his comments since signing Keane , he is also likely to start Keane as he has done many of his other signings out of his :natural: position, and perhaps play him wide as he did Djibril Cisse, Babel also is not a natural wide player but it is where Benitez chooses to start him...he is on record as stating that Keane... :has the ability to play in a number of different positions:... and when I read this I thought...Here we go again !???