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    Is this Rafa's last season...

    Rafa says that the main target this year is domestic honours so does that mean if he fails to deliver the title or at least be 'close' challengers, will he get the sack? I really think that the time is now right for him to deliver. He has got new players in with hopefully another to come. I dont think failure will be an option this season.

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    • im still not sure about rafa...sometimes he's a genius and sometimes he does some crazy stuff...but to be fair last season we lost only 4 games 1 less than the mancs as you all know we drew a hell of a lot of games so maybe and hopefully with this in mind and if its his last season (only he knows surely) he will go out all guns blazing and forget about thinking of the next weekends game at half time as he normaly does

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      • Like the way Andrew A thinks hope hes right when he says its pos Rafa knowing this could very well be his last season will go out ALL GUNS BLAZING...THIS would be truly an adventure surely there cant just be me wanting to see him use what in my opinion is a very talented squad in this way rather than this dull strategy of packing the side with midfielders and expecting everybody even Torres to tackleback soon as the slightest pressure from the opposition threatens ? We see this all the time , even in the early stages of home games with the score still at 0.0
        Then there s the madness of incessant ROTATION....
        Start the strongest eleven and rotate but only from the bench when the game is already comfortably won or as a result of an unforseen injury. Let our strongest starting eleven have the chance to develop an understanding so that they can gel .......
        This insane incessant rotation of the starting eleven ISNT going to bring us any trophies if its used again this season....I feel Rafa is a stubborn man determined to prove to us hes right even in the face of much criticism from the fans and for this reason Im not optimistic about the chance of honours this season but I hope Im wrong and Andrew A is right and Rafa stuns everyone by adopting a strategy of going out with ALL GUNS BLAZING ditching his extreme caution tactics and ....GOING FOR GOAL!!!

      • Gentlemen ( and Ladies ) a bit of patience please. Rafa called
        a mad genius? Thats probably deadly accurate. He seems to
        piss off as many people as he pleases. I've whined & bitched
        myself with his constant rotation tactics. But.........give the man
        some credit where credit is due. Every damn one of you knows
        that in the majority of those draws last year....our boys carried
        the play. We desperately needed another striker.......... cold ,
        clinical , and deadly up front to provide the finish. Torres ,
        talented though he is , can't be the lone assassin...it don't work.
        And Rafa has strengthened the side with the addition of Keane.
        Rafa ain't going nowhere , he ain't done here just yet thank you
        very much.

        Closer. Ever closer.

        This is a hungry talented team. Bring on the new season.

    • If he persists with his rotation policy then surely he will fail? There are no easy beats in the EPL.

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      • IF Benitez STARTS Robbie Keane up front partnering Torres and maintains that partnership at least for all EPL fixtures then I think perhaps there is room for some optimism about this season. IF Benitez stubbornly persists with the insane policy of rotation in one last ditch effort to prove himself right then perhaps its best to wave bye-bye right now to any hopes we might harbour of a serious challenge for the Title. I feel even die-hard Rafa Loyalists will this season finally lose patience with the man should he persist with the much detested rotation policy.

    • ...win the CL..he stays
      ...win EPL..he stays
      ...win FA CUP...runner up in either of above...he prob stays..
      ..win League CUP...runner up in EPL or CL...he may stay..
      ...win f**k all....out on his ar*e....

    • Considering how long he has on his contract the board (owners) will probably keep him till it runs out maybe giving him an extension is he brings the EPL back or gets close and brings another trophy.

      Personnally I wanna see us with the EPL, CL or FA Cup. And getting close on the EPL if we don't get it.