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  • Turkey_Slapper Turkey_Slapper Aug 24, 2008 16:02 Flag

    Very poor start to the season

    Only fickle fans will say it has been a good start to the season just because we have won 2 games.

    I have seen both the games and to be honest Rafa had no clue as to what he was doing. His formation has been crap and the players seem to have no clue with the exception of Torres.
    Keane has been rubbish and i predict he will be a flop Ala Shevchenko. Money would have been well spent on a quality player like Martins.

    I dont care if the team won, the general play has been rubbish there has been no sense of direction, no control, and no rythm, especially at home these should not happen.

    We just got lucky yesterday, and Rafa should not take credit for it. As the manager he should promote Stylish football to a club of this stature. Scraping to a win is hardly anything to be riding home about.

    WHO agrees with Turkey?

    SLap SLap

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