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    just to put into perspective this whole net worth business that is getting somewhat out of hand... the figures being quoted are about what abu dhabi as an emirate is worth, so they are assuming that city will be owned by the abu dhabi investment authority (adia)... the owner of ADUG is NOT Dr Al-Fahim, he just works for the owner which is one Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, one of many sons of the late ruler of abu dhabi and brother to the current ruler....each son has his own wealth and business interests and THIS one likes football and therefore taking this investment route (amongst many others).... while I am sure sheikh mansour is extremely wealthy and highly placed in the adia establishment, there is no way that ADIA will invest their WHOLE net worth into this deal..... jose also doubts very much that sheikh mansour is MUCH wealthier than roman... if he is, it would be marginal... however, he will spend BIG, as roman did during the honeymoon period.... no doubt about that... obrigado friends!!!

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