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  • Richard P Richard P Sep 9, 2008 18:42 Flag

    Stand Up Comedy

    1) Only reason you all want DIC to buy into your club is so they will give Rafa MORE money to spend on players. Don't you know that he has spent more than ANY other Liverpool manager on players and. still continues to get it so wrong!

    2) Gerrard. crying about not been played in his 'natural' position for England.
    Grow up and be a man about it.
    Given his pathetic performances in an England shirt in qualifying matches for Euro 2008 maybe future England coaches decided it didn't matter where he played. He wouldn't do any better anywhere he played!

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    • All of you are crazy....tell you what I hope Rafa keeps getting sackloads of cash to spend every Summer and follows that by recruiting 5 or 6 first team players the next season, replacing those already in the team and doing the same the season after...

      And we should all be used to SG moaning til the cows come home by now!

    • Stop relating your own experiences to me!

      This is an interesting insight to the mindset of a Liverpool fan

    • So it's an adult that writes 'ZZZZZZZZZ'?? Bet you put you fingers in your ears and scream when someone tries to debate with you...

    • Grown ups talking here? Are you sure with those incredibly childish insults??? And just for the record they mean absolutely nothing to me....taking the mickey out of my name...how very 8 year oldish of you!!!!
      And just for the record again I don't support Man Utd.

      Its astonishing how much you are jealous of them, then again maybe not...it is nearly 20 years since you last won the title...in that time the great Man Utd and their fantastic manager have won TEN league titles at least and two Champions Leagues.

      It doesn't matter how much money Rafa is given to spend on players. At the end of the day probably the entire scouting network and anybody who is involved with signing players needs to be replaced at your club. The current system clearly isn't working

    • Richard, yes Rafa may well have spent more than any previous Liverpool manager, but please what does that prove? I think you'll find the majority of current managers who've been in the job for as long as Rafa would have outspent the managers who preceeded them. Its called inflation!

      Fergie I'm sure has spent more than any previous manager at man u, so does that prove that SAF is a wasteful spender? Actually its very possible that SAF spent less in the second half of the 90's than he did during the first 5 years of this century, but was actually more successful when he spent less. Does that mean SAF is loosing his touch?

      I know its a wind up, and we appreciate the effort, but your argument is very thin.

    • the p stands for pryck, funny really when his first name is dick. dickpryck, you aint got a feckin clue what you`re talking about, all the usual blablabla from a scum fan. reckon you`re worried bout man city and there money as there is now a bigger club in manc than you. sheikh mohammed WILL end up owning LFC and when he does you know who`s gonna be the biggest club in the world don`t you. coming on here and trying to wind people and to slate liverpool makes me think you got concerns, after all if liverpool are no threat to you then why are you even bothered. your lack of nouse and maturity tell me you are really a girl (maybe thats an insult to girls) or a ten yr old, do us all a favour dickie and feck off back to your own boards as the grown ups are talking here.