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  • Richard P Richard P Sep 9, 2008 19:39 Flag

    Stand Up Comedy

    Truth really hurts about yor club doesn't it!

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    • Gee I better alter that because I know when Liverpool fans don't like a message they jump on any spelling error!

      It was meant to read: the truth really hurts about your club doesn't it!

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      • The truth?
        Well if you were interested in the truth rather than being a wind up you'd realise that although Benitez has bought a lot of players he has sold many aswell. Making a profit on some and at least recouping the initial outlay on most of the others. The biggest flop Benitez signing was Morientes who cost £6m and was sold for £3.5m -- a lot less than Fergie's £28m on Veron which resulted in a £14m loss after just one season!!! The fact of the matter is how many +£20m players do we have/or ever had?? 2!! How many +£30m players do we have /or ever had?? 0 -- now compare that to man utd and Chelsea!!! Truth of the matter is that Fergie wouldn't be anywhere near the top without the money. For the past 20 years man utd have consistently been the team that breaks the transfer record (only recently with Robinho does another team now have a more expensive signing than man utd).
        Look at the transfer fees paid and stop being so deluded by your hatred for us... and remember when the transfers were made as obviously you don't seem to understand inflation.
        e.g: (including future add-ons)
        =/+£30m - Ferdinand, Tevez, Berbatov
        =/+£25m - Rooney, VERON,
        =/+£17m - Carrick, Anderson, Nani, Hargreaves, RVN