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  • colin colin Sep 20, 2008 20:26 Flag


    Jose have to agree with u on the matter of Benitez constantly playing people out of their natural positions Ive mentioned it a number of times in previous posts.Benitez is packing the side with midfield type players just as he did at Valencia...If they arent natural midfielders he will use them in such a way that everyone ends up back in midfield :tackling-back: because the whole thrust of his tactics/strategy is to make us very difficult to score against ; unfortunately this also means we are unlikely to score many ourselves and will once again this season struggle to :kill games off: Ive said previously theres very little wrong with the squad , on paper we should certainly win the league this season the biggest obstacle to this being achieved is Benitez and his strategy of playing people out of position and the insane rotatation policy that prevents instinctual understandings developing between those selected as regular starting eleven.
    Benitez use of the substitutes and his timing of their use is I think also very suspect. Think we hustled well against Manure but other than that game think we have been somewhat lucky to come away with the degree of success we have had so far this season....heres hoping for LOADZA goals against Stoke.