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    I was pleased to see Ryan Babel sign for us he looked a very exciting player in the under 21 World Cup for Holland. Disappointing though to see Benitez consistently play him out of position on the left. I think we would see far more exciting stuff from him were he to be played inside on the right and I dont mean in midfield rather upfront partnering Torres...yeah I know what do we do with 20 million Robbie Keane ? I think Keane is far more adaptable than Babel, able to drift wide and also cut inside and believe he would be very effective coming from a little deeper than where he is right now.

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    • I reckon Babel can be effective on both wings.

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      • I don't understand why you guys ae so obsessed with terms like midfielder, wingers, strikers...etc. Ronaldo is a winger yet he scored more goals than all ManU's strikers combined! In modern day football, all players have to switch positions, improvise and connect with teammates.

        Our downfall in the Stoke game was the players did not combine well. There was no understanding between Torres and Keane, a sad fact. The rest of the players like Gerrard and Kuyt tried to set up Keane but failed because Keane lacked movements! When the communications between players broke down, they got frustrated and attempted to shot themselves outside the box. That was the problem!

        To solve it, we must restore back to the Torres/Gerrard axial. The two have much better understanding. The players are too keen to help Keane to get his first goal, they are forgetting their normal play!

    • It could be argued that why did we buy Babel? He's a striker yet as u said put out on the wing... I would've preferred Rafa to have bought a winger instead of Keane..

      I'd play Babel & Torres together.. seems Keane & Torres aren't compatiable...