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    Agger to Real?

    Prior to Agger's injury, I was of the opinion that the lad has every attribute to become possibly the best central defender in the PL, and possibly the world.

    Great on the ball, distribution, tackling, height and physicality, he has everything needed to really excel in that position and take it on to a new level. Even on the goalscoring front, he can add a dimension from various set pieces and so on.

    Madrid recognise this, and Rafa has to find a way to start accomodating him or make no mistake he will be gone. A loss like him would haunt us for years in the CL I am convinced!!!

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    • I agree I thought Agger coming back would be the bonus that we needed, however unless you play him at full back or midfeild there is not a place for him yet.
      We need to put out a settled team, I am sure that is one of then reasons for the great start this year.

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      • Agree with everyone on this board. I think it will be a huge mistake if we let Agger go. Decent central defenders are hard to come by. In this modern game I don't believe we can have 2 traditional 'no nonesense' defenders. Skrtel and Carra have done well, but alas the time will come when Carra will have to go (can't believe I just said that!) And when that time comes I think we will be better equipped as an attacking force with someone at centreback who is comfortable / creative / able to distribute the ball.

        Skrtel would be the perfect foil for Agger as the traditional no-nonsense defender. I think its very similar to the Ferdinand / Vidic partnership at Man U. We can't just have someone who can hoof the ball from centre back, we need someone who can start off play and move forward with confidence.

    • Alright sideshow.

      I for one would love to see Agger next to Skytel in the middle with maybe Carrager moved to RB and Aurelio at LB

      NOW thats a defence !!!


    • Agreed. Agger was recruited to play alongside Carra and nothing should change that, especailly when there is still plenty of mileage left in Carra (well, at least 2 more years I reckon).

      On the other hand, Skrtel has proven to be a surprise package. His no-nonsense tackling is also an ideal back-up, and his partnership with Carra has been proven when Agger was absent through injuries.

      Ideally, in 2 years' time, Agger and Skrtel should be the backbone of our defense. The problem is how to keep Agger happy. There is only one solution, sacrify Skrtel, play him in cup ties and let Agger take back his leading role in EPL games.

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      • Ricky, agree with your diagnosis, but not the remedy. To put Agger back in now would break up a proven partnership, and a good understanding between center backs is as important, if not important as a good understanding between strikers. Like the old saying goes, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

        Agger will get his chances, and then it will be either Carra's or Skrtel's time to prove they should be put back into the squad. He'll play in domestic cup matches, and likely European games as well, assuming we can get a decent result in Madrid. But in the prem, until either form drops, or injury hits, I'd stick to a proven formula. Hopefully risks for dropped form, or injury can be identified on the training ground, and rotation is done just when its needed, but why rotate when you don't need to?

      • Wing backs is a complete no no. If we were blessed in wide positions with fast, skilful players who could also defend when needed then fine. BUT we aren't.

        We are doing just fine 4-4-2, or 4-2-3-1.

        The problem is one area where you need stability is at the back. Skrtel has formed and excellent partnership with Carra. The meanest in fact in the PL. Our style of play though needs to develop and the way to take this on is with a CB stepping out with the ball, creating more space further up the pitch. We are harldy the most free scoring or creative team in the PL, and at times this will cost us.

        I certainly think Agger should be playing in the games like Stoke, Hull, West Brom, and home games vs West Ham etc etc, where traditionally we are on the front foot and they pack their defences for a batten down the hatches afternoon.

    • Sideshow

      you beat me to it by a minutes.....great minds eh.

      I think we need to keep him, Carra is slowing up a little. Aggar and Skrtel would be a great partnership, but they need time together to form that partnership.
      We could play all 3 with 2 wingbacks. But would that work???