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  • yetiLFC1 yetiLFC1 Oct 27, 2008 02:11 Flag

    Champions Elect?????

    Can we consider ourselves to be worthey of winning the EPL?
    Bloody right we can.
    We beat the top 2 without Torres.
    Lets hope we don't start dropping silly points.
    Roll on May for no19 and no6.

    Well done Rafa and all the lads.


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    • lmfao.

      if you end up in the top three, you'll be VERY lucky.

      try winning a match without a flukey goal and sitting back defending for 75 minutes.


    • before you all go ott, just get this into perspective, you won today missing torres, otherwise you were at full strength, chelsea had joe cole, ballack essien and drogba all missing, now thats 4 players who would no doubt have played, so you got them at a good time, when united drew their, and it 80 mins when they equalised, these 4 played, so it was a terrific result for us, so before you start saying you are the dogs gonads, wait till you lose 4 top players and play a big side, then we will see how much depth you have, so now you know why chelsea had a poor bench, had they had these playersd to call on, the result could have been different. but that said you were good value for the win, my point is, you got them on a good day but it dont make you world beaters yet, listen to your man abu, he has his feet firmly on the ground.

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      • lynden, we've played (and pushed) a full strength Chelsea line up to the wire on a number of occasions. The gap between us IS closing this season IMHO, even with their squad of missing players.

        Personally I think the one they missed the most today was Drogba, he has always been our bogey man, and Anelka I think is a poor imitation. Joe Cole also is quality on the left, but Mikel and Deco both had very good games I think in a part of the field where most would perceive them to be weak with Ballack and Essien out.

        Most recognise our squad depth isn't as good as either yours or the Mancs. But we are getting results, call it luck, call it quality, call it whatever you want. The points are on the board, and we're taking them off our rivals. In the end, that's all that matters, and something we have struggled to do before.

        THAT'S the difference this year. That's what has me more confident about our chance now that I have been in many years. That's why I think we can be afforded the chance to dream a little. Even if it is a bit premature.

        Oh, and btw, I'm not a scouser.

      • What nonsense. Since when Lampard, Deco & Malouda are "2nd-class" to Ballack & Co.

      • 10, knew this excuse would come out sooner or later, just a bit surprised its coming from you and not a blue.

        While I'll agree it was not a bad time to play chelsea, I don't buy into this argument, which I think is just an excuse and or a wind up attempt. Yes Chelsea had some key players missing, but since they have one of the largest and best paid squads in the prem, its a bit of sour grapes. I'll also note it did not hinder them last week (when they were in worse shape), and to Scolari's credit he said it before the the boro game its not an issue, and I've not heard him say it was an issue yesterday.

        You think Chelsea were weak against an almost full strenght Liverpool. Actually it was Torres and Skrtel missing, both of whom have been regular starters. While weak Chelsea started argubly their strongest back 4. I also don't think being able to start Deco and Lampard in central midfield is a sign of a weakened squad, or Malouda for Cole. The biggest lost may have been Drogba up front, which would pretty much cancel out the fact that Torres was not available. But even this is not much of a loss, as before yesterday Chelsea were champions elect for most pundits even with Drogba hardly featuring.

        Beating Chelsea on any day is a great achievement, and beating them at the bridge is a sign of a team with great character, organization, and a team that can truely challenge for the crown. I'll not say we'll take it, but I think its only the haters out there now that won't admit that LFC are true contenders this season.

    • I'm not ready to go there yet. Too many false dawns under Rafa before.

      Gotta admit my confidence in this team is rising all the time though. Today's result is just 3 points, but massive psychologically. To have a chance, you have to take points off the main contenders, something we have failed to do in recent campaigns.

      6 from 6 already is massive for us. And puts us on the front foot for a change as well. I'll truly believe we can challenge if we remain well in the mix into the new year. It's just a wee bit too early for me to start making statements like 'champions elect'. I'd happily settle for 'challengers elect' as a minimum ....

    • Champions Elect????? You must be out of your senses.

      Lets just say the 1-0 win didn't tell the whole story.
      Chelsea (63.7%).......Possession.........(36.3%) Liverpool

      Rafa deployed the same tactics most small clubs use against the top 3 by putting 10 men behind the ball, you won't win the league playing like that I assure you, in fact it takes more creativity within the team to win the league over 38 games, a strait alien to Rafa's footballing brain. Yes, such tactics will work perfectly in cup competitions but not in the league.

    • beat the mancs beat the cockneys say no more .

    • We are definitely worthy title contenders. It could have been 2-0 if Alonso scored that free kick. Chelsea hardly had a clear sniff on goal, and it's their home turf for goodness sake!

      I'm very impressed with our performance. Now, Rafa needs to keep our boys on their toes. We still have another 29 matches to go. Com'on, you Reds!!

    • Why just stop with the EPL? Surely we're good enough to do a clean sweep? Meaning EPL, CL, FA & League Cup!!

      It's indeed possible and we're not afraid of any1 these days..

    • I think it is great that everyone is filled with enthusiasm and a great deal of directed optimism at such an early stage of the season, not quarter way through yet. Still, we have won nothing at this point except the respect of those teams we have met in the league, let us continue with more of the same the same.