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  • Viva Espana Viva Espana Oct 27, 2008 06:37 Flag

    MOTD Mark Bright still not convinced

    Mark Who?

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    • If United had gone to The Bridge and got that result playing like we did he'd be raving about it!! We DID NOT defend our wayto the victory in any sense. At times we were a little deep, but that is the best way to play a drogbaless Chelsea.

      First twenty minutes we dominated possession and were the brighter side. For half of the second half we seemed perfectly in control, and Chelsea had no-one to pick up Gerrard which always meant we were dangerous. Riera/Gerrard/Alonso we brilliant largely in possession, and we certainly held our own. Chelsea had one real chance and a couple of half chances.

      We hit the post, went close again with a long shot, and although the result flatters us a bit.....the goal was a bit jammy, and it wasn't a great game.....Chelseas had loads of time to respond and couldn't!

      MArk BRight is a it anyway!

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      • I was working so could only listen to the match but when i watched MOTD later on it was like a totally different match. On MOTD it looked as though we were lucky to get the result and only started playing in the second half but on the radio the commentator kept saying we didn't really look troubled and controlled parts of the game.
        Which is it? Will have to watch the match on lfctv replay to find out.
        I could only hear our fans and not the Chelsea fans so i have to think the radio version was more accurate.
        Bit more biased editing from MOTD me thinks.
        As for Mark Bright, What a T*sser !

      • Sorry sideshow but LFC where not flattered by the result, they fully deserved it and should have won by more. Also if Howard Webb hadnt have mistakenly booked Gerrard incorrectly and stopped a great breakaway then it would have been two Nil by half time. Get your facts straight.